Aug. 23, 2010
An RDH eVillage survey in the August 27, 2010, issue inquired if "bad behavior" by either the dentist or hygienist was affecting patient care?

One dentist hurled restorative instruments around the operatory early in my dental assisting career. Bad behavior among dentists and hygienists has been dentistry’s dirty little secret. Most hygienists have a story to tell about harassment, insults, disrespectful behavior, and personal grudges that interfere with an office being able to function or deliver patient care. There has been screaming or accusations of incompetence in front of patients and/or the toleration of bad behavior between one staff member and another.

With your help, these survey questions can determine the prevalence of bad behavior and the impact on patient care. Click here to answer the 10 questions in the survey (only one question is open-ended; it's also optional).