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Hu-Friedy announces fifth annual #ShowUsYourPurple event

Oct. 16, 2017
Hu-Friedy celebrates dental hygiene profession with fifth annual Show Us Your Purple campaign.

Hu-Friedy will again show their support of dental hygienists by wearing purple (the official color of dental hygiene) and advocating for the profession with a special emphasis from Oct. 16-20. Hu-Friedy created and launched the annual, social media-driven event in 2013, naming it #ShowUsYourPurple.

For this, the fifth anniversary of the event’s creation, Hu-Friedy is planning an extended five-day celebration of the hygiene profession and its heroes.The American Dental Hygienists’ Association has designated October as Dental Hygiene Month, serving to remind patients, clinicians, and policymakers alike of the importance of home-based and clinical oral care, as well as access to care. With that in mind, in 2013 Hu-Friedy created Show Us Your Purple Day in an effort to highlight the many women and men on the frontlines of oral care who work tirelessly in the mouth, in education, and on policy.

The annual event encourages dental hygienists to unite in an upbeat and positive show of force by wearing the color of their profession: purple. The event’s popularity grows each year, with both a physical and online presence. Proud clinicians from across North America celebrate the day by not only donning purple clothing, but also by taking to social media channels to post images of themselves and their office teams dressed in purple, using the hashtag #ShowUsYourPurple.

“Hu-Friedy has many different customer segments, but one group in particular has always been near and dear to our hearts: Dental Hygienists,” explains Hu-Friedy Chief Marketing Officer Patrick Bernardi. “In addition to creating a welcoming and nurturing experience for patients, the real impact of Dental Hygienists is that they save lives. Dental Hygienists are on the front lines of oral health; given how much we know about the connection between oral health and systemic health, the value of the dental hygienist cannot be understated. This is why we created the #ShowUsYourPurple campaign—to express our gratitude and to deliver a rallying cry for this special group to celebrate one another.”

Hu-Friedy has a long history of helping hygienists be the best clinicians they can be. Hu-Friedy not only uses input from hygienists to create improved instruments, but also sponsors scholarships, complimentary continuing education courses, educational events, and an online community for dental hygienists via the Friends of Hu-Friedy platform.

In recognition of the growing popularity of the event as well as its fifth anniversary, Hu-Friedy has decided to sponsor a five-day event this year. In 2017, it is guaranteed to be bigger than ever, with the opportunity to have social media images shared and to win purple prize packs. Hu-Friedy will be wearing purple all week, and they hope proud hygienists will do the same. Proud hygienists are encouraged to celebrate with Hu-Friedy by wearing purple clothing and accessories from Oct. 16-20, and post images of themselves and their teams on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #ShowUsYourPurple.