UOR speakers for the keynote, closing sessions

Jan. 25, 2008
RDH Under One Roof features Naomi Rhode and Anne Guignon in the opening and closing sessions for July 31- August 2 conference in Chicago.

Keynote Session:
Reviving Your Passion for Your Personal and Professional Life

Naomi Rhode, RDH, CSP, CPAE

Naomi will challenge you to examine the 'Privilege of Your Many Platforms'. You will be presented with a challenge for the 'why' of our work and the rewards realized and presented with a sequential review of moving from 'success to significance' in life. You will leave with a revived commitment to passion and will not want to miss this outstanding presentation!

Wrap Up Session:
Achieving Excellence….And All That Jazz!

Anne Guignon, RDH, MPH

Join the cast and crew of RDH Magazine as we explore a variety of outrageous dilemmas confronting today's dental hygienists through a series of fast-paced, roaring twenties Chicago-style parodies featuring characters who commit crimes of passion, perpetrate cover-ups and pull off other dastardly deeds. Resolve these quandaries and move your career forward with novel concepts, innovative products and revolutionary techniques that will make you want to dance The Cell Block Tango!

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