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RDH Graduate | Editor's Note: Class of 2014, welcome to a world full of options in hygiene!

May 21, 2014
This month we introduce two topics, which we will continue to explore in the coming newsletters: ethics and finance.
Congratulations to the dental hygiene class of 2014 — and welcome to the profession! This month we introduce two topics, which we will continue to explore in the coming newsletters: ethics and finance. The American Dental Educators Association has delineated the mandatory requirements of ethics curriculums in dental hygiene programs. Ethics, as a study, involves understanding right and wrong in human behavior. But we each carry within us a myriad of experiences and culture with differing views of what is right and wrong. What might be right for you may not be right for others. Hygienist Ann Marie Manookian shares with us her vision of ethical hygiene practice. Her articles will remind you of the value and importance of each good act and its ability to inspire others.

One complaint many hygienists have had about this profession is the lack of benefits. It is never too early to make solid investment choices. Financial advisor Juan Acevedo discusses investing in your education and why where you pursue your education is just as important as what you choose to study. Juan will be lending his expertise in future pieces geared towards helping you understand how to optimally manage your finances.

Career options in dental hygiene outside of clinical practice is a topic of great interest to many hygienists. How can you use your expertise and education to create new, fulfilling career paths? Ruth Marsiliani discusses her transition from clinical practice to sleep apnea educator and practitioner. Also this month, we discuss the dental hygienist as a private contractor. I am aware some hygienists do not like this arrangement, but it may very well be perfect for other hygienists. The theme for this month's newsletter is options, options, options! You have options in how you proceed in your careers. Do not be fearful: be bold. Be creative. Be innovative.

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Diana Macri, RDH, BSDH, MS.Ed., MAADH, is the editorial director of RDH Graduate, a monthly newsletter that targets dental hygiene students and recent graduates new to the profession. Macri is a registered dental hygienist in New York City and co-author of the hygiene blog Empire Hygeniuses. Currently she is an assistant professor at Hostos Community College and continues to practice in a multi-specialty practice in Staten Island. She is a strong advocate for the profession and seeks to promote its expansion and visibility. She practices and teaches in New York City, where she happily resides with her three sons.