93-year-old retired dentist becomes bodybuilder

Nov. 5, 2012
He wanted the attention of "young" 70-year-old women

This 93-year-old bodybuilder is getting ready to hit the beach after competing in bodybuilding competitions. Recently, he did 57 dips, 61-chinups, and even pulled off 48 abdominal crunches, each in 45 seconds.

Dr. Charles Eugster is a retired dentist who started to notice his body was getting flabby after reaching his 80s. He began his bodybuilding career at age 87. He even has a former Mr. Universe help train him. After six years, he has a daily routine comprised of more than two hours, where he can put out more than 60 pullups and 50 pushups at a time.

“I am of the opinion that no age is too old,” he says. “Aging has become an enormous pleasure, a delight, a joy.”

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