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Jan. 1, 2005

HurriSept® antiseptic hand gel

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Beutlich® LP Pharmaceuticals introduces HurriSept antiseptic hand gel, a waterless, alcohol-based hand rub for healthcare personnel. Hand hygiene practice is the main preventive measure for reducing the transmission of infectious microorganisms. The CDC guidelines recommend the use of alcohol-based hand rubs when hands are not visibly soiled. HurriSept antiseptic hand gel contains 70 percent ethyl alcohol for effective hand antisepsis, and the aloe vera in the formula keeps hands soft. The 16-ounce pump bottle can be placed anywhere for easy access. The “Berry Fresh” scent is pleasing to use throughout the day.

Special introductory offer - buy five bottles and get one bottle free. For more information and pricing, call (800) 238-8542.

American Eagle sterile indicator tape

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American Eagle’s striped, sterile indicator tape is impregnated with chemical-process indicator lines that change permanently to black, indicating exposure to sterilization processing. The deep, high-contrast black color allows for easy identification of post-sterilization packs. This multi-parameter autoclave tape can be used either with disposable or reusable wrappers for steam, EO gas, dry heat, or chemical vapor processes. Each roll measures 3/4 inch x 60 yards.

To place an order, call (800) 551-5172 and request product code AEST048.

New non-foaming, neutral vacuum line cleaner

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Biotrol introduces NeutraVAC, a dual-action dental vacuum line cleaner that dissolves and removes organic and inorganic debris in evacuation systems. Its neutral pH formula does not harm amalgam separators, and features a mountain-fresh scent. NeutraVAC is super-concentrated - dilutes 1/2 ounce to one quart (32 ounces) water. It is available in a convenient one-quart squeeze-up bottle, and an economical three-quart (96 ounces) bottle with 1/2-ounce calibrated pump. It also is available in a starter kit - one-quart bottle, atomizer, and accessories.

For more information, call (800) 822-8550 or visit

Breakthrough sensitivity treatment receives FDA approval

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SootheRx is the first FDA-cleared, at-home-use prescription therapy indicated for both the rapid and continual relief of dentinal hypersensitivity. SootheRx uses NovaMin® (calcium sodium phosphosilicate), a technology resulting from 30 years of medical research into bone and tooth repair. The same compound has been successfully used in more than one million bone-regeneration surgeries.

While the biggest clinical benefit of SootheRx is its ability to provide both rapid and continual relief from sensitivity by occluding tubules with hydroxyapatite, its simplicity makes it even more appealing. SootheRx is used twice daily for two weeks in place of the patient’s usual toothpaste. Following this initial treatment stage, a once-per-week use is all that is required. Patients can use their dentifrice of choice or one you recommend for daily brushing.

For more information, call OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals at (800) 445-3386.

Super absorber lasts longer

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NEODRYS beats the competition in comfort, design, and value! They keep the parotid gland in check for more than 15 minutes - far outlasting cotton rolls and other absorbent pads. New Comfort Edge technology maximizes patient comfort while the poly backing protects the cheek. Work productively while performing sealants, composites, cementations, crown and bridge, impressions, paint-on techniques, orthodontics, and laser dentistry.

For more information, a free sample, or to place an order, call Microcopy at (800) 235-1863 or visit

Richmond Variety Pack

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Richmond Dental introduces its Variety Pack of braided cotton rolls. This handy assortment is useful for a variety of procedures, with sizes to suit every mouth. Enjoy the convenience of multiple sizes and the guarantee that has made Richmond the No. 1 branded roll.

The Variety Pack contains 1,000 1.5-inch medium-diameter rolls, 100 .75-inch pedo rolls, 100 .75-inch medium pedo rolls, 50 6-inch small-diameter rolls, 50 4-inch medium-diameter rolls, and 25 6-inch large-diameter rolls.

Call your dental dealer to order. For more information, call (800) 277-0377 ext. 263, or visit

Sanityze™ waterless moisturizing antimicrobial gel

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Because hand hygiene is the most important factor in preventing disease transmission, the CDC recommends a combined regimen of hand washing to remove debris and, the use of alcohol (waterless) hand sanitizers to kill unseen organisms on hands. Sanityze, a waterless hand sanitizer, is the perfect combination of alcohol and protective emollients in an easy-to-use dispenser. You’ll love how it preserves your skin while killing 99.99 percent of skin bacteria within 15 seconds - no paper towels needed! Your smooth hands will slip right in to your Crosstex gloves - no powder needed. Sanityze is part of a complete line of Crosstex hand hygiene products that work together to clean, sanitize, and protect your skin with latex-compatible, non-greasy emollients.

Sanityze is available through your dental dealer. For more details, call (888) CROSSTEX (276-7783) or visit

Sensodyne® Full Protection plus Whitening

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GlaxoSmithKline announces the arrival of new Sensodyne Full Protection plus Whitening Toothpaste for sensitive teeth and cavity prevention. It gives patients maximum pain relief for sensitive teeth, offers tartar-controlling benefits, and contains fluoride to protect against cavities in addition to whitening teeth. It has a great new taste and refreshing feeling that patients want for improved compliance and healthy gums.

Like the other seven Sensodyne variants, regular brushing with Sensodyne Full Protection plus Whitening contains 5 percent potassium nitrate and builds increasing protection against painful sensitivity.

To obtain free samples, go to

SmilePix interdental cleaners

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Ultradent announces the newest product in its oral hygiene product line, SmilePix. SmilePix are plastic toothpicks that are the perfect balance of flexibility and rigidity. They will not break or splinter, and they fit into areas that are difficult to floss, making it easier to keep teeth clean. Each toothpick has a textured surface to facilitate better cleaning as well as massage the interproximal tissue.

SmilePix come in convenient packs of 125, and are offered at the low price of $2.49 per pack, or a case of 21 for $45.99. For more information, call (800) 552-5512 or visit

2005 CDT books available from SmartPractice

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Comprehensive 2005 CDT books are available now - from SmartPractice. Current Dental Terminology 2005 (CDT) includes the latest codes for dental procedures and nomenclature, glossary of dental codes, and the ADA’s dental claim form. Available in a convenient spiral bound or binder format, both come with a CD-ROM that makes listening and learning easy.

For more information and to order, call SmartPractice at (800) 522-0800.

TheraMint™ 100% Xylitol mints, gum, and spray

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Xylitol, a natural sugar substitute, has unique properties that stimulate saliva flow and may reduce the risk of tooth decay. Xylitol is an all-natural therapy that can help prevent acids from forming and accumulating in the mouth by increasing the body’s natural defenses against decay and bacteria. OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals offers Xylitol therapy in new TheraMints 100% Xylitol dietary carbohydrate mints.

TheraMints comes in refreshing mint and cool fruit flavors. Each bottle comes with 520 mints and a complimentary travel pack for patient convenience. OMNII also offers TheraGum 100% Xylitol gum and TheraSpray alcohol-free mouth-moistening breath spray with Xylitol.

For more information, call (800) 445-3386 or visit

New multi-purpose polishing paste

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Sultan Dental Products introduces Topex Brilliance Polishing Paste - a convenient, multi-purpose formulation that delivers a high-luster finish to all composite and paint-on restoratives, along with a patient-pleasing peppermint taste enhanced with Xylitol.

Topex Brilliance offers the advantage of using one paste to polish composites, amalgams, and castings. Its uniform particle size assures fast polishing and optimum gloss with no grooving or unevenness. Its non-splatter, non-staining formula is water-soluble for ease of use, minimal waste, and easy clean-up.

Topex Brilliance is available in one-count (Item No. 30050) and five-count (Item No. 30051) boxes.

For more information or to order, call your dealer, Sultan Dental at (800) 238-6739, or visit

Easy and effective alternative to flossing

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Oral Breeze offers the point-and-floss system using water instead of finger-wrapping floss. If your patients are among the 80 percent of Americans who don’t floss daily, they can still get the benefits of flossing without the string. The QuickPik® attaches permanently to the bathroom sink faucet and, in just minutes, it’s ready to flush out food particles and bacteria. In addition, give patients an alternative to use while showering. The ShowerPik® attaches easily between the showerhead and the fixture. In just minutes, they’ve added flossing/irrigation to their showers. What about teenagers? Give them either or both the ShowerPik and the QuickPik for fast and effective cleansing around their orthodontic bands. Turn ortho cases into oral-health success stories.

Special offer for your patients - have them go to and click on the word “Dentists” in the upper left-hand corner. It will lead them to a 30 percent discount order page. For more product information, call (800) 524-6548 or visit

O.V.S. cassettes for maximum instrument cleansing

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American Eagle’s Open Ventilation System, or O.V.S., allows maximum circulation for efficient ultrasonic cleaning. American Eagle O.V.S. cassettes are made from high-grade, durable stainless steel, and are available in various sizes and capacities ranging from five to 26 instruments. The large cassettes have double-hinged lids that fold under the main tray, similar to a notebook, as well as in-lid clips to hold surgical instruments. O.V.S. cassettes are compatible with all sterilization methods, and come with a five-year warranty.

For ordering or information, call (800) 551-5172.

Excel 3™ Nite White® Z-CP - maximum sensitivity relief plus luster!

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Discus Dental presents new Excel 3 Nite White Z-CP. Nite White Z-CP combines patented amorphous calcium phosphate technology with the proven effectiveness of potassium nitrate to achieve the maximum sensitivity relief in take-home whitening. It also works to give patients brighter, more lustrous smiles because tooth structure is almost entirely composed of calcium phosphate minerals, and Nite White Z-CP’s chemistry naturally bonds with tooth surfaces. It fills microscopic tooth defects and improves the overall smoothness and luster. In addition, clinical testing shows less fadeback after six months with Nite White Z-CP.

It is available in three concentrations - 10%, 16%, and 22%; two flavors - Peppermint Cream and Wild Cherry; and kit sizes of one, three, four, six, and nine syringes.

For more information, call Discus Dental at (800) 422-9448 or visit

Reinforced resin glaze delivers durable, glossy finish

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Parkell introduces DuraFinish, a crystal-clear, non-yellowing, brush-on glaze that eliminates the need to mechanically polish direct composite restorations and temporary crowns and bridges.

In a simple, one-minute procedure, DuraFinish creates a much higher shine than is possible using points, wheels, and diamond paste. Apply a thin coat to the surface and polymerize with a halogen curing light.

The formula is built around a multifunctional molecule that penetrates and permanently bonds to the underlying composite surface to prevent flaking and staining. Unlike traditional glazes, which are unfilled resins, DuraFinish contains nanofiller - providing wear-resistance and a durable gloss.

DuraFinish comes in a 5-ml bottle with applicator brushes for $49.99, available from Parkell. For more information, call (800) 243-7446 or visit

New Rincinol� P.R.N.� bioadherent rinse for pain relief

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Sunstar Butler introduces Rincinol P.R.N., the first non-prescription rinse for oral pain relief that forms a bioadherent protective coating over the mucosal surface to quickly provide long-lasting oral pain relief and promote healing without numbing, stinging, or burning.

Available over the counter as well as dispensed in-office, Rincinol P.R.N. is indicated for a broad range of applications including aphthous ulcers, mouth burns, irritation from appliances or partials, postoral surgery, and other soft-tissue management procedures such as scaling, root-planing, and prophylaxis. Rincinol P.R.N. treats the entire oral cavity through simple swishing. Ideal in-office as part of a complete postop pain-management protocol, it provides site-specific pain relief without the need for difficult or painful site-specific application. It is safe for all ages 6 and older.

For more information, visit or call (800) JBUTLER (528-8537).

Plaque-disclosing swabs eliminate the mess

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Beutlich LP Pharmaceuticals announces HURRIVIEW plaque-indicating swab applicators (formerly DISCLOSE). Neatly disclose residual plaque without the patient needing to swish - just dab the pre-saturated swab applicator along teeth and gums, then observe highlighted areas where additional brushing and flossing are needed. Unit-dose packaging is convenient for in-office or at-home oral hygiene evaluation. HURRIVIEW can be purchased in a dispenser box of 100 swabs or a travel pack of six swabs.

For information and a sample call (800) 238-8542 or visit

Zoo Animal Teaching Aids introduces -

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The Aussie Toothfairy, BG Roo. Wow, it’s a wonderful Roo to help with oral hygiene! “BG Roo was born from Australian legend - he soars through the night sky, waiting to exchange an enchanting ride in his pouch for a single baby tooth…”

Share this intriguing story with patients, friends, and family. BG Roo is accompanied by the Aussie Toothfairy Storybook, a 16-page, 4 inch x 3.75 inch color illustrated story designed to stimulate children’s interest in oral care. It is bound with glue for safety.

“Dinki-di, budgero brushing is fun with BG Roo!” BG Roo is available in a 22-inch puppet design as well as an 11-inch design. It features a zippered storage pouch, and a push-button sound device is located in the foot. The 16-page, color illustrated storybook also is available separately.

For more information, call (800) 919-0077 or visit

New multi-purpose polishing paste

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Sultan Dental Products introduces Topex Brilliance Polishing Paste - a convenient, multi-purpose formulation that delivers a high-luster finish to all composite and paint-on restoratives, along with a patient-pleasing peppermint taste enhanced with Xylitol.

Topex Brilliance offers the advantage of using one paste to polish composites, amalgams, and castings. Its uniform particle size assures fast polishing and optimum gloss with no grooving or unevenness. Its non-splatter, non-staining formula is water-soluble for ease of use, minimal waste, and easy clean-up.

It is available in one-count (Item No. 30050) and five-count (Item No. 30051) boxes. For more information or to order, call your dealer, (800) 238-6739, or visit