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June 1, 2004

Free esa®mate low-speed handpiece

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For a limited time, Preventech is giving away a new esamate low-speed handpiece (a $400 value) free when you purchase one esa ST Economy Pack of 1,000 disposable prophy angles. Backed by a two-year warranty, the lube-free esamate weighs just 2 ounces. So, by spending around $500, you get a state-of-the-art $400 handpiece free!

Using esa angles with your free esamate handpiece lowers your infection control burden. There's no need to sterilize or repair nose cones, so you have more time for patient care. The combination of esa disposable prophy angles and esamate may just make wrist fatigue a thing of the past.

For more information, call (800) 474-8681 or visit

Oral-B® Hummingbird power flosser

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The Gillette Company announces its new Oral-B Hummingbird flosser. Clinically proven to be as effective as regular floss, the Hummingbird is designed to promote patient compliance. The gentle vibration and ergonomic design allow it to easily and comfortably clean interproximal areas and access posterior teeth.

The compact, battery-powered Hummingbird includes two interchangeable attachments — the gentle flosser and a soft, mint-flavored dental pick. It's perfect for use at home or "on the go." The Oral-B Hummingbird is available to dental professionals for trial and dispensing. The starter kit is $4.25 ($3.95 for GSP members). A case of flosser refills consisting of 24 packets of 15 flossers is $67.25 ($57.35 GSP). A case of dental pick refills consisting of 24 packs of 25 picks is $67.20 ($57.35 GSP).

For more information, call your Oral-B representative, visit, or call (800) 44-ORALB (446-7252).

Preventech Nada™ pumice paste

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Preventech introduces Nada Pumice Paste, which contains no flavor, no fluoride, and no oils — literally nothing that will effect bond strength.

Nada Pumice Paste is ideally suited for preparing tooth surfaces prior to acid-etching for sealants, composite bonding, cement restorations, and for applying orthodontic brackets.

Available in medium grit, Nada also is the perfect choice for patients who are flavor-intolerant.

To order or for samples of Nada pumice paste, contact your local dealer or call Preventech at (800) 474-8681.


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Sultan Dental Products extends its line of TOPEX® Neutral pH fluoride gels with the addition of new CLEARLY STRAWBERRY. The new flavor is a smooth, colorless 2% sodium fluoride gel for patients intolerant of dyes and for those completing whitening procedures. It provides a reliable aid in caries prevention with reduced risk of dulling or etching cosmetic restorations.

CLEARLY STRAWBERRY also is recommended for patients with crowns, bridges, or composite restorations; patients — including children — intolerant of acidic fluorides; and patients with xerostomia as a result of certain medications, chemotherapy, or radiation. The great-tasting, four-minute application is gentle, and leaves no bitter aftertaste.

Supplied in 17-oz plastic bottles, it is more cost-effective with its "buy one, get one free" offer. To order or for more information, call your dental distributor, Sultan Dental at (800) 238-6739, or visit

ComfortClean™ tongue cleaner

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ComfortClean tongue cleaner is a new tool for the dental professional's patient. It is designed to promote safe, comfortable, and effective cleaning of the tongue. The device has three features making it unique among other cleaners. First, it has a soft cleaning edge that flexes and contours to fit the shape of the tongue. Second, its narrow design allows it to fit virtually every mouth. Third, its low profile allows access to the back of the tongue without triggering the gag reflex.

ComfortClean helps reduce halitosis because 85 percent of its cause is the result of volatile sulfur compounds, or VSCs, produced by bacteria, many of which are found on the back of the tongue where patients cannot use a toothbrush.

For more information, call (800) 4DENTEK (433-6835).

REACH® ACCESS™ Daily Flosser

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Johnson & Johnson REACH, introduces the REACH ACCESS Daily Flosser — a new tool that will revolutionize the way people floss. With its unique ergonomic design, the REACH ACCESS Daily Flosser makes flossing as easy and convenient as brushing. Patients no longer have to put their hands in their mouths to effectively clean between teeth. Additionally, the convenient, disposable, snap-on heads are equipped with shred-resistant floss, and the toothbrush-style handle features comfortable, easy-to-hold grips, and an angled neck reaches the back of the teeth where most hygiene problems begin. The new flosser was designed to fit neatly into the toothbrush holder to serve as a daily reminder.

The flosser comes in three diverse colors — aqua, raspberry, and lime — for men and women. For more information, visit or call (800) 224-6513.

GLOVE RELIEF™ hand cream

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Formulated for the specific needs of dental professionals, Sultan Dental's GLOVE RELIEF moisturizing hand cream relieves dry, chapped hands caused by repeated glove use and hand washing. The water-based formula instantly absorbs into the skin and does not break down the integrity of latex gloves.

GLOVE RELIEF contains gentle lubricants to moisturize hands and facilitate glove use; Aloe Vera to promote healing; vitamin E to encourage healthy skin growth; and Triclosan, an anti-microbial agent.

Each flip-top tube contains 3.3 oz and stands for convenient dispensing and storage. To order or for more information, call your dental dealer, Sultan Dental at (800) 238-6739, or visit

Keeps processor in like-new condition

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Southland Distribution & Sales offers award-winning products that keep processors in like-new condition. Daily CLEAN IMAGE sheets eliminate grainy film. Biodegradable CLEAR IMAGE Radiographic Cleaner cleans developer, fixer, oxidation, silver, and algae deposits in three to five minutes. Professional strength PRO-32 removes silver build-up and oxidation with a 20-minute soak. No Haz-Mat shipping is required, there are no offensive odors, and these products are guaranteed safe for all processors. Free Harley Davidson Safety Glasses are included in Trial Size Kit, which costs only $19.95 (Visa/MasterCard only. No checks/billing).

For more information, call (800) 880-0240, e-mail [email protected], or visit

KINC universal tubing connector

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Described as the most convenient way to connect a dental handpiece tubing to a dental unit, the KINC connector will not revolutionize how dental unit tubing is used, but it will change how often and easy it is to install or replace them. Users may change tubing for any of the following reasons — color, length, design, infection-control protocols, damage, dental unit water line issues, or new handpiece attachments. Simply screw the old tubing off and screw the new tubing on.

Also, the KINC connector allows for conversion to fiberoptic or electric handpieces without paying for a service call. The device fits any current dental unit and any manufacturer, dealer, or service technician can arrange the installation.

For more information, call Kinetic Instruments Inc. at (800) 233-2346, visit, or e-mail [email protected].

New GUM® Dome Trim Toothbrush

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A classic, proven toothbrush design with a new sense of style, the new GUM® Dome Trim Toothbrush by Sunstar Butler is a great value, while still featuring the bristle design clinically proven to complement the Bass technique in proper brushing.

The new Dome Trim Toothbrush is equipped with raised center bristles that form a domed cleaning surface to support the recommended 45-degree brushing angle. The tapered and end-rounded bristles provide a safe and gentle cleaning for both soft and hard tissues. Additionally, the bristles feature textured tips that provide enhanced plaque removal and proper below-the-gumline cleaning. Available with free imprinting on the side of the brush, it features an ergonomic soft-grip handle with raised ribs on both sides for added comfort.

For more information, visit or call (800) JBUTLER (528-8537).

NUPRO introduces exciting new CherryBlast prophy paste

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CherryBlast is a great-tasting new flavor of NUPRO prophy paste that appeals to both adults and children.

NUPRO prophy paste is a splatter-free formula that provides excellent stain removal and polishing. In addition, NUPRO prophy paste is available in a fresh flavor-lock bag with three full years of shelf life.

Choose from 10 patient-pleasing flavors of NUPRO prophy paste — new CherryBlast, Orange Vanilla Swirl, Razzberry, Zinnamon, Cookie Dough, BubbleExtreme, Mint, Chocolate Mint, Orange, and Grape.

For more information or for a free sample, call your DENTSPLY Professional Territory Manager or authorized distributor, call DENTSPLY at (800) 989-8826, or visit

Cosmetic Polishing Restorative — CPR

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CPR's proprietary formula of special polishing agents renews the luster of composite and porcelain restorations. A 70¢ unit dose of CPR applied with a prophy brush can be used after adjustments, as a stand-alone elective procedure, or incorporated regularly in tandem with dental hygiene procedures — regular prophy paste on natural teeth, and CPR on all restoratives.

With routine use, CPR's ability to clean and finely polish may help minimize staining, reduce opposing abrasion, and maintain the natural look of restoratives. Patients who have elective or old-looking restorations may desire to renew and maintain their natural dental work with CPR. Fees for cosmetic prophylaxis range from $25 to $150 depending on the condition and number of units revitalized. The price is $69.95. You may purchase CPR through your dental dealer or call (877) 477-5486.

DUX Dental SteriSystem

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The SteriSystem instrument cassettes from DUX Dental (Van R, Cadco, Clive Craig) are constructed in a durable, impermeable plastic featuring strong working hinges. These cassettes are convenient for processing individual instruments and procedure set-ups in ultrasonic cleaners and sterilizers. Steri-System cassettes are autoclavable/chemiclavable, may be dry-heat sterilized, and are compatible with all sterilizing and disinfectant solutions.

Available in three popular sizes, the SteriSystem cassettes are neutral in color and may be easily color-coded using DUX's color-coding clips. For ordering or additional information, call (800) 833-8267 or visit

Synthetic, powder-free vitamin E exam gloves

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Tronex Healthcare Industries introduces Synthetic Powder Free Vitamin E Examination Gloves. Tronex's Vitamin E gloves are an excellent choice for clinicians considering alternatives to latex. These specially designed gloves contain Vitamin E, an important antioxidant that helps protect skin cells from radical damage. Latex-free and protein-free, these gloves are 6 mils thick. Tronex Vitamin E gloves are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified factories, exceeds FDA510(K) requirements, and are available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large (item No. 8733).

For information, call (800) 833-1181 or e-mail to [email protected].

Next® introduces Watermelon, Vanilla, and Wintergreen

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Preventech introduces three fresh, new flavors of its popular Next Prophy Paste — Watermelon, Vanilla, and Wintergreen. All three products are available in fine, medium, and coarse grits and guaranteed to please even your most discriminating patients. Wintergreen also is available in extra coarse grit for smoking and coffee-drinking patients. Next Prophy Paste features a non-splatter, flash rinse formula and provides the user with smooth handling characteristics and excellent stain removal.

Next Prophy Paste also is available in child-pleasing Cherry, Tropical Fruit, and Bubble Gum. And for adults — Mint, Cinnamon, and Chocolate Mint. To order or for samples, call your local dental dealer or call (800) 474-8681.

New Smile Style Guide lets patients choose smile type

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Dr. Lorin Berland introduces the second edition of his Smile Style Guide. The full-color guide details the 18 naturally beautiful incisal shape variations and combinations as well as the four length choices of the front teeth. This simple method of classifying smile designs is critical when considering a smile makeover.

Comprehensive cosmetic treatment requires a systematic approach to combine the various factors that create a smile. Features such as the size, length, and position of the teeth are determined using the dentist's knowledge of anatomy, function, and esthetic requirements of the patient; other features such as tooth color, shape, and relative lengths can be chosen by the patient.

The Smile Guide is an essential communication tool designed to help patients select the smile they want with clear, easily understandable steps to guide them to the right smile for their unique personalities.

For more information, call (214) 999-0110, e-mail [email protected], or visit