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Jan. 1, 2004

The ultimate in pampering patient care

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White Towel Services (The Wet Towel) provides the ultimate in pampering patient care. The aroma-therapeutic, 100-percent cotton, single-use (disposable), pre-moistened, individually wrapped, spa-class face towels are infused with oils from the Lavender plant or from Lemon peel. Whether you choose naturally soothing Lavender or refreshing Lemon, patients appreciate the extra care. For pennies per patient, there is no more cost-effective way to "wow" your patients and show them you care about their comfort.

Cotton or synthetic towels, and towel heaters are available.

For more information, call (866) 938-8693 or visit

Relieve dry mouth for HIV/AIDS patients

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Dry mouth (xerostomia) is a common condition for those afflicted with HIV/AIDS and other autoimmune diseases. HIV can cause dry mouth as can some anti-HIV drugs and other medications such as antihistamines and anti-depressants. Symptoms can include dry mouth, dry lips, sense of burning in the mouth, tough tongue, and mouth sores or infection.

Patients suffering with dry mouth can now find relief with Gebauer's Salivart® oral moisturizer, an over-the-counter spray that has many of the same properties of saliva. It is an aqueous solution containing a viscosity agent and an emulsifier. One spray temporarily coats and moisturizes the oral cavity. It can be used as often as needed. Salivart contains no irritants, no flavor, and has no side effects.

Salivart comes in a 75 g spray can, and is nitrogen propelled, making it ozone friendly. Approved by the ADA, Salivart is recommended No. 1 for dry mouth relief by pharmacists according to the Pharmacy Times OTC Survey eight years in a row. For more information, call (800) 321-9348.

Flossbrite "Colors Collection"

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Bergman Oral Care announces the newest "Colors Collection" FlossBrite flossers. FlossBrite is the world's only single-handed, self-contained flossing device with convenient floss advance and tensioning right in the ergonomic handle.

After the successful launch of its professional white FlossBrite flosser, the company expanded its palette to bring the newest trend in translucent colors to the dental world. Red, orange, blue, green, or purple can be your color of choice.

The KidsBrite flosser, available in the first quarter of 2004, will include five friendly characters for the younger flosser in your family. FlossBrite Colors will enhance your flossing experience and will encourage the reluctant to floss regularly.

For more information, call (877) FLOSSBRITE (356-7727) or visit

Nupro® Orange Vanilla Swirl

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DENTSPLY Professional, manufacturers of Nupro® prophylaxis paste, has added a new flavor, Orange Vanilla Swirl, to its selection of unique flavors, bringing the choices to 10.

The Orange Vanilla Swirl flavor is sure to please both children and adult patients. As with all Nupro prophy pastes, it delivers excellent stain removal and polishing benefits, and features a splatter-free formula, and choice of three grit levels.

For more information, call (800) 989-8825 or visit

3-D anatomical models perform the best

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Numerous studies have shown that a three-dimensional model uses every learning style to communicate information, consistently scoring higher in understanding and retention than brochures, posters, or audiovisual presentations. GPI Anatomicals™ provides the means to reach patients using all known learning styles — visual, aural, and kinesthetic — with its realistic and technically accurate anatomical models.

Serving the dental, medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, and educational professions since 1980, GPI Anatomicals has distributed nearly 3 million models throughout the world.

Model No. 286 is an oversized model of premolars and molars featuring many common dental problems including abscess, plaque, gingivitis, periodontitis, decay, bone loss, filling, and crown, among others.

For more information, call (847) 615-8900 or visit

Opti-Cide³® disinfectant, decontaminant

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Opti-Cide³® is a new liquid surface disinfectant/cleaner approved to kill bacteria and viruses, including Hepatitis B and C, TB, HIV, and Polio — in three minutes. Opti-Cide³ is ready-to-use (no mixing) and can be used for disinfecting all dental surfaces and instruments, applied directly to surfaces via spray bottles or used as an immersion solution. It is safe to use on plastics, stainless steel, chrome, glass, Plexiglas®, and baked-on enamel surfaces, and leaves no residue. It meets OSHA blood-borne pathogen requirements for disinfection and is formulated following strict Good Manufacturing Practices.

It is available in 24-oz spray bottles and one-gallon refills. Opti-Cide³ is distributed by Ada Products Company, Inc.

For information, call (800) 471-4411.