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Assistants Product News

Sept. 1, 2003

Young's latex-free turbo cup

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Finally, Young's Turbo Plus™ prophy cup comes in latex-free! The new Turbo Plus LF cup can be purchased separately in one and five gross bags or on the Contra Disposable™ prophy angle. The Contra angle is ergonomically designed to keep your wrist in the neutral position, while providing easier access to the posterior teeth.

Contra prophy angles can be purchased in 200- or 1200-count boxes. The cups come in soft and firm styles.

To order, call your dental distributor. For samples, call (800) 325-1881, ext. 3145 or visit

D-Lish� prophy paste now in flavor bags!

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Named for its great flavor, D-Lish™ prophy paste is a pumice-based formula for reduced splatter and enhanced stain removal. Its unique formula is made by Young Dental and is easy to rinse leaving less grit in the patient's mouth. The two new assorted bags come with the "De-licious" flavors of mint, cherry, grape, and cinnamon.

D-Lish prophy paste is packaged in the exclusive Stay Fresh™ foil bag. It has a ZIP-PAK® resealable zipper for easy storage. Each D-Lish Stay Fresh bag contains 200 prophy cups and one metal prophy ring.

For samples, call (800) 325-1881, ext. 3145. To order, call your dental dealer.

Environmentally friendly line cleaner

DRNA, the leader in dental waste management and recycling, is now offering DRNA~VAC to all dental offices in the United States. This exciting new product is a non-oxidizing evacuation system cleaner and an environmentally friendly alternative to bleach and other harmful cleaners.

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DRNA~VAC uses a combination of enzyme-creating bacteria to immediately break down and "eat" organic matter, leaving the dental office's suction lines clean and deodorized. The standard bottle of DRNA~VAC contains 2 billion working bacteria and it is the only product with residual action between uses.

DRNA~VAC is non-foaming, and designed for use with DRNA amalgam separators.

For more information, call (800) 360-1001, ext. 14 or visit

Glove and facemask dispensers

Bowman Manufacturing Co. introduces its new and convenient dispensers for exam gloves and face masks. Both dispensers are made of 22-gauge steel with white baked-enamel finish throughout.

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The Bowman face mask dispenser, model FM3-A (top photo), easily mounts to a wall or fits on a countertop. The dimensions are 7" x 4" x 4" (W x H x D).

The Bowman exam glove dispenser, model GB3, is spring-loaded to "hug" your glove box for the best fit, and it has convenient, two-way keyholes to allow for mounting horizontally or vertically. The dimensions are 5" x 10" x 3" (W x H x D).

For more information, call (800) 962-4660.

Hanau� Model Mate plasterless articulator

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Waterpik introduces the new Hanau™ Model Mate plasterless articulator. Quickly secure and easily remove casts with a twist of a thumbscrew. This lightweight articulator can be positioned in any angle that you desire. The Model Mate plasterless articulator is ideal for orthodontists, case presentations, and orthognatic surgery.

Call (800) 201-7286 to find out how easy and affordable this instrument is to use.