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March 1, 2004

New Product Highlight

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Kodak DX6490 camera system
The KODAK DX6490 digital camera system is a marvel of ingenuity, features, and convenience. The system includes everything you need to capture, print, or send photos with the touch of a button. Learning the system is fast and easy, so you'll be taking high-quality, digital photos in a short time.
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Kodak DX6490 Dental Digital Camera System

Eastman Kodak Company announces its newest digital photography solution for dentists: a new, easy-to-use, quality digital camera solution with a "direct from the camera" printing solution for even more value and convenience.

The new KODAK DX6490 Dental Digital Camera System includes everything needed to capture, as well as print, high-quality digital dental images and download them to computers — The KODAK EASYSHARE DX6490 Zoom Digital Camera is a four-megapixel, auto-focus camera, preconfigured for dental photography and featuring a 10X optical zoom, 16 MB of internal memory, and a 64 MB memory card; a KODAK EASYSHARE Printer Dock 6000, which recharges the camera batteries and enables images to be printed directly from the camera or downloaded to a computer — all with the push of a button; a high-quality KODAK Dental Close-Up Lens II that can be quickly and easily mounted on the camera for macro views; a dental positioning grid on a large 2.2-inch LCD screen to enable consistent, correctly positioned dental views; and KODAK EASYSHARE Software.

The system is designed to work right out of the box, with an easy-to-understand "Dental Digital Photography Guide" so that even those unfamiliar with dental photography can be taking high-quality photographs in a short time.

In addition, dentists and staff now have more choices after capture, including high-quality prints directly from the camera, or download images to a computer. From there, images can be imported to imaging software or dental practice-management applications, printed, or archived.

The KODAK DX6490 Dental Digital Camera System is available from leading dental products suppliers. For more information, call (800) 933-8031 or visit

Embrace™ WetBond™ kit is multifunctional

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Pulpdent Corporation's Embrace™ WetBond™ Restoration & PFM Repair Kit provides unique materials for preparing, priming, opaquing, and protecting surfaces, and for sealing, finishing, and polishing the final repair or restoration. This multi-functional kit works on all surfaces and with fewer required steps, saving time and money.

The kit contains the first moist-bonding resins specifically designed for bonding to all restorative, metal, and ceramic surfaces. It eliminates the use of metal primers and silane, and provides superior bonds to metal and ceramic surfaces.

The kit contains five products: Embrace First-Coat™, Embrace Opaquer, and Embrace Seal-n-Shine™, each formulated with R.A.I.N. technology; Kool-Dam, and Porcelain Etch Gel.

The kit consists of one 1.2 ml syringe each of First-Coat, Seal-n-Shine, Opaquer, Porcelain Etch Gel, Kool-Dam, and accessories. A $5 manufacturer's rebate is in effect through March 31, 2004 with proof of purchase.

For more information, call (800) 343-4342 or visit

New PrepMaster® disposable air abrasion system

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Groman, Inc. announces the introduction of its PrepMaster® air abrasion system. PrepMaster is a revolutionary new abrasion system self-contained in a disposable, single-use handpiece. PrepMaster is powered by the existing compressed air system and is prefilled with 6.2 grams of 27-micron aluminum oxide powder. A similar unit prefilled with sodium bicarbonate also is under development for use by hygienists.

PrepMaster is able to make precise cuts with excellent fingertip power control and includes a dual power setting. PrepMaster also offers excellent visibility and access to the oral cavity with a tip that rotates 360 degrees and produces minimal overspray. PrepMaster is available through your local dental supply dealer.

For more information, call (954) 649-8008, or email to [email protected].

ADA accepts first defibrillators

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The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs announces the awarding of its first Seal of Acceptance for a defibrillator to the Philips HeartStart OnSite and HeartStart FR2+ defibrillators.

Defibrillators provide treatment for sudden cardiac arrest, or SCA, a leading cause of death in the United States. More people die from SCA than from breast cancer, prostate cancer, AIDS, house fires, handguns, and traffic accidents combined. While CPR may help prolong the window of survival, it cannot restore a normal cardiac rhythm.

SCA is an electrical malfunction of the heart typically associated with an abnormal heart rhythm known as ventricular fibrillation. Defibrillation is recognized as the definitive treatment for ventricular fibrillation.

For more information, call (800) 934-7372, ext. 7176, or visit

SAVE-A-TOOTH saves teeth and worry

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It happens five million times a year — knocked-out teeth. Until now, unless the patient got that tooth to a dentist in a matter of minutes, it would be almost impossible to replant. Enter SAVE-A-TOOTH, a patented product invented by endodontist and teacher, Dr. Paul Krasner. SAVE-A-TOOTH preserves, protects, and reconstitutes an avulsed tooth for 24 hours — plenty of time for a successful replant. SAVE-A-TOOTH uses a specially-formulated solution, as well as a unique apparatus that protects and saves root-surface cells crucial to the replantation process. Every medicine cabinet and first aid kit should have at least one Save-A-Tooth for emergency use. Cost is $19.95, with free shipping! (Bulk rates are available.)

SAVE-A-TOOTH is the only system accepted by the American Dental Association. The SAVE-A-TOOTH system is available online at, or by calling (888) 788-6684.

3M ESPE Adper™ Single Bond Plus adhesive

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3M ESPE announces a new option in total-etch dental adhesives — Adper™ Single Bond Plus adhesive. The improved adhesive incorporates a nanofiller technology providing higher dentin bond-strength performance. In addition, Adper Single Bond Plus adhesive is available in a new, easy-to-use, unit-dose delivery system.

The nano-sized particles that make up Adper Single Bond Plus adhesive are stable and will not settle out of dispersion. Therefore, unlike traditional filled adhesives, it does not require shaking. In addition, because it contains ethanol, Adper Single Bond Plus adhesive is less volatile than acetone-based adhesives, minimizing odor and evaporation.

Adper Single Bond Plus is perfect for bonding to all classes of direct composite restorations as well as root-surface desensitization and bonding of porcelain veneers with 3M ESPE RelyX™ Veneer Cement and 3M ESPE RelyX Ceramic Primer. After light-curing, Adper Single Bond Plus adhesive also produces great results for indirect bonding procedures when combined with 3M ESPE RelyX ARC Adhesive Resin Cement.

For more information, visit or call (800) 634-2249. Products are available through authorized 3M ESPE distributors.

Opti-Link dental microscope system

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Let Expanding Images, Inc. equip you with the ultimate space-saving, easy-to-install microscope system. The Opti-Link™ System requires only 14 inches of space when not in use. Engineered for the legendary Leica MS5 binocular microscope, it offers one of the finest color- and image-resolution lenses in the world. EI's newly designed vertical extension arm (VEA), helps to prevent unnecessary neck and back strain. Imagine having five loupes of different magnification located at your fingertips instead of on your head. Ask about EI's success pack that includes a unique video camera.

Visit and see the live video recording.

For a 30-day, no-risk trial offer, contact Dr. Gerard Cuomo at 866-EYE-FULL (393-3855).

New KaVo PROPHYpearls are clog-free!

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KaVo America introduces a unique, new air polishing powder — KaVo PROPHYpearls. PROPHYpearls are made with calcium carbonate powder. The salt-free formulation eliminates the salty taste associated with sodium bicarbonate powder routinely used with air polishing systems.

In contrast to conventional sharp-edged cleaning particles, PROPHYpearls are smooth, soft, round, and gentle to tooth structure and surrounding tissues. They are extremely efficient as they roll over the tooth with an infinite number of contact points for optimized cleaning performance. Plus, there is no chemical reaction with air humidity, keeping your air polishing system clog-free.

KaVo PROPHYpearls can be used with the KaVo PROPHYflex air polisher as well as all other manufacturers' air polishing systems — a "pearl" of a product!

For more information, call (800) 323-8029 or visit

Milestone Scientific announces FDA clearance

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Milestone Scientific announces the release of the SafetyWand™ disposable handpiece, a patented injection device that incorporates safety engineering sharps-protection features to aid in the prevention of needlesticks. It is the first patented injection device to be fully compliant with OSHA regulations under the federal Needlestick Safety Act, while meeting the clinical needs of dental practitioners.

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The SafetyWand provides a safer retractable needle device with single-hand activation. It is reusable multiple times during a single patient visit, while remaining small and sleek enough not to obscure the clinician's field of view.

For more information, call (800) 862-1125 or visit

Introducing new Ultra-Thin WedgeWands™

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Designed to fit tight interproximal spaces where wood wedges won't fit, new Ultra-Thin Yellow WedgeWands™ is the latest addition to Garrison Dental Solutions' line of specialty direct-restorative accessories. They are ideal for conservative Class II preps, pedodontic teeth, and anterior restorations where gingival seal and proper anatomy are essential. The applicator handle permits wedge placement without cotton forceps or hemostat. Insertion is easy and firm. The wedge can be bent to any angle on the applicator wand, and the curved tip glides easily over the papilla or rubber dam. A new, easier, twist-off neck separates the wedge from the wand with a simple twist. The handle also can remain attached to aid in cheek retraction and easy wedge removal. WedgeWands are available in four sizes.

For more information, call (888) 437-0032 or visit

Pink Ribbon™ Powder Free Gloves of Hope

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SmartPractice introduces Pink Ribbon™ Powder Free Gloves of Hope. New pink gloves and pink ribbon-themed box underscore SmartPractice's commitment to join the mission of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. During March 1, 2004 through March 1, 2005, SmartPractice will donate a minimum of $10,000 to the Komen Foundation based on customer purchases. Designed especially for women, Pink Ribbon exam gloves are powder-free and polymer-coated for donning ease. Available in sizes X-Small, Small, and Medium, Pink Ribbon gloves are packaged 100 per box; 10 boxes per case.

For information, call (800) 522-0800.

The Preventive Angle accepted for CE credit

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Young Dental has announced that its newsletter, The Preventive Angle, published in conjunction with The Richmond Institute for Continuing Dental Education, is now accepted for ADA/CERP and AGD/PACE continuing-education credits. The Richmond Institute was recently accepted as a recognized provider by both the ADA and the AGD. The Preventive Angle is edited by Caren M. Barnes, RDH, of the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry. The Newsletter is published quarterly to provide continuing education on significant issues involving dental hygiene care as well as updates on new research and studies.

To receive a sample copy or to be added to the mailing list, contact Young Dental by fax at (866) 469-6864 or send e-mail to [email protected].

Versatile dental microscopes

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Seiler Precision Microscopes is pleased to announce a new dental office microscope, the SSI-202/402 series. This new dental scope, ideal for all dental procedures, offers three magnifications, and bright halogen illumination with a dual port for quick lamp changing should a bulb fail during a procedure. It also features a pantographic arm and the ability to add video accessories. Floor, wall, ceiling, and table mounts are available.

The SSI-402 has all the features of the SSI-202, but in addition, comes with a motorized focusing system controlled by a convenient foot switch.

For more information, call (800) 489-2282 or visit