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Coltene announces new scaler

Aug. 19, 2013
BioSonic SUVI piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler and air polisher launched.

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio--Coltene, a dental manufacturing company, has launched the BioSonic SUVIpiezoelectric ultrasonic scaler and air polisher, featuring SUVI Premier and Elite models.

SUVI Premier is a multipurpose device for traditional scaling in addition to endo, perio, implant maintenance, and resto treatments. The Elite Series provides the features of the Premier, and includes an air polisher to create one versatile tool for ultrasonic and polishing treatments.

SUVI models are equipped with handpiece ergonomics. Handpieces are assembled with comfortable, nonslip, exchangeable silicone grips to reduce hand fatigue. The soft material dampens the vibrations and helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and blood circulation complications. Grips are removable and autoclavable to help eliminate the cost of excess handpieces.

The LED light on the handpiece illuminates the treatment area, and helps to ensure visibility even through water and powder spray. The optimized color temperature of the light (white-blue) creates contrast, making calculus and stains more visible. The light lasts up to 100,000 hours or 30 years.

The foot pedal tool allows users to adjust the device without interruption. Control the LED light, adjust the power mode, and select the water jet cleaning and/or irrigation function chair side to leavie hands free to treat the patient.

SUVI Premier is adjustable for treatments with its power range and variety of tips. Experience four functions from a single unit: standard ultrasonic scaling, dry mode scaling without water, diagnostic LED lighting, and irrigation mode.

The BioSonic SUVI Premier is available with tap water connector or with the quick-connect medicament/water dispenser. Easily changeable, transparent medicament, water and powder containers are attached to the body of the device allowing for maintenance. The upright position helps eliminate leakage and filling levels of liquid and powder are visible.

SUVI Elite series adds an air polisher to the same features of the SUVI Premier. Coltene’s breakthrough patented nozzle design enables accurate direction to tooth surfaces. Its nonclogging construction keeps water and powder separate to the last second. The one-touch cleaning function helps ensure that the device remains clog-free.

The large selection of more than 60 DuraGradeMax super steel tips expands the functionality of this device beyond scaling to perio, endo, and resto treatments. According to independent studies, DuraGradeMAX steel provides the best wear resistance on the market. To help ensure the tip is used at the proper power setting each time, tips are laser-marked with the recommended power setting.

The design of BioSonic SUVI Series is scheduled to be available in September 2013.

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