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New dental products: Archtek Flip Mouthbrush and Travel Mate

Sept. 3, 2013
Archtek introduces two new products

Arcktek reinvents the concept of brushing with the Flip Mouthbrush, which combines bristles and soft rubber nubs to clean teeth, tongue, palate, and oral mucosa, thus providing more complete oral care.

The nubs stimulate soft tissues by providing a gentle massage. Not only does the Flip Mouthbrush suppress the gag reflex, it also provides cheek retraction, allowing for access to the distal surfaces of back molars.

The Travel Mate from Archtek includes one folding brush and six Archtek Toothpaste Tablets, all in a convenient resealable travel pouch. This ready-to-go Travel Mate will make travels a breeze knowing you have everything you need for proper oral care in one spot.

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