Butler's Protect aims to insert barrier for sensitive teeth

Sept. 30, 2005
When applied, Protect binds calcium and protein deep into the tubules to provide long-lasting tubule occlusion.

Sunstar Butler will be launching Protect desensitizing solution at the upcoming ADA Annual Session. Be one of the first to learn the clinical steps to applying the "newest" barrier protection for sensitive teeth.

Protect is a new barrier protective product for sensitive teeth. Its unique method of action provides deep tubule occlusion for immediate and long lasting relief from pain, and it's easy to use.

This patented technology includes three methods of action and two parts, an applicator and a liquid component. The applicator with its conditioning acid, removes the smear/plaque layer to expose the open tubules. The liquid binds calcium and protein molecules deep into the tubules to provide deep, effective and long lasting tubule occlusion. In addition, the liquid also contains a varnish element that lasts for a few days to enhance the action/effectiveness of the calcium/protein precipitation.

Here are the step-by-step directions for use of Protect.

• Put three drops of the colorless liquid on mixing pad.

• Dry tooth surface with soft puff of air or cotton pellet. Tooth should be dry but not desiccated.

• Mix tip of applicator brush into liquid for a few seconds.

• Apply to affected tooth starting at gingival margin and work down.

• Let air dry for 10 seconds.

• Patient should not eat or drink for 30 minutes.

Protect is easy to use (no curing light needed), cost effective ($1.33 per treatment), has been clinically proven to last 6 months and can be used safely with whitening treatments.

To learn more visit the Sunstar Butler Booth #121 at the ADA Annual Session held October 6th-9th or log on to www.sunstarbutler.com.