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Crosstex Patients Choice

Nov. 17, 2010
Patient's Choice products aimed at delivering a better treatment experience.
HAUPPAUGE, New York--Crosstex International, a subsidiary of Cantel Medical Corp. and a leading global provider of infection control and preventive products, has announced that the Patient’s Choice line of preventives has become among the fastest-growing brands in the marketplace.In bringing the line to market, the company devoted significant resources to developing products that would lead their category in quality and performance, according to Crosstex Vice President of Sales and Marketing Andrew Whitehead.“Crosstex is best known for innovative infection control products that help protect health-care professionals,” he said. “When we decided to enter the preventives arena, we were committed to apply the same level of research and innovation to products that protect patients’ oral health.”The Patient’s Choice preventives line from Crosstex includes:Twist and Sparkle Prophy Angles and Sparkle EZ Contra Angle. These products address widespread issues with traditional prophy angles: vibration, noise, spatter, frictional heat, and operator ergonomics. Twist is a disposable 90° reciprocating prophy angle. Its patented oscillating motion helps eliminate spatter and heat. Sparkle, developed with feedback from hygienists, has a patented second-generation gear design that runs vibration-free and noise- free. Sparkle EZ delivers the benefits of Sparkle along with an advanced ergonomically designed contra angle that helps reduce operator hand fatigue and micro-traumas.Sparkle V 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish with Xylitol. Introduced at the 2010 ADA annual meeting, Crosstex’s entry into the fast-growing fluoride varnish arena uses an effective formula in a convenient single-use disposable delivery system. Sparkle V 5% Sodium Varnish with Xylitol delivers fluoride dosage that dries to a natural tooth shade on contact. The smooth, easy-to-apply, nonclumping formula sets rapidly in the presence of saliva, so there is no need to isolate teeth. Its single-use package provides for simple, mess-free application and easy clean-up: just peel open and brush on. The package also includes a bendable brush applicator to help eliminate risk of cross-contamination. Sparkle V provides the benefits of Xylitol and is gluten-, Aspartame-, and Saccharin-free.Sparkle and Sparkle FREE Prophy Paste with Xylitol. Both Sparkle prophy pastes offer a variety of patient-pleasing flavors in a choice of grits and an advanced spatter-free formula. Sparkle prophy paste contains 1.23% Fluoride ion and is gluten-free. It has a time-set formula for consistency and offers stain removal with minimal enamel loss. Sparkle FREE is 100% free of dyes, fluoride, and gluten. it is a prophy choice for patients during or after whitening or bleaching of teeth. Both provide the benefits of Xylitol.Zap Fluoride Gel, Zap Neutral pH Fluoride Gel and Zap Dual Arch Fluoride Trays. Patient’s Choice fluorides and convenient trays help facilitate the treatment process and provide greater patient acceptance. Zap fluoride gel contains 1.23% APF Fluoride ion. Its gluten-free formula contains Xylitol and has a long-lasting flavor for greater patient acceptance. Smooth, creamy, thixotropic formula flows easily under pressure for greater coverage. Fast, one-minute treatment. Zap 2% neutral pH fluoride gel provides a nonacidic balance and is safe for patients with porcelain or resin cosmetic restorations. Zap dual arch trays make application of fluoride gel and foam an easier experience. They have a soft, anatomical design for a comfortable fit, with buckle ridges to improve fluoride access to teeth. A “space-saver” package provides easy storing and dispensing.GumNumb Topical Anesthetic Gel. GumNumb topical gel contains 20% Benzocaine for effective relief of discomfort from local anesthetic injections, periodontal curettage, impression taking, and intraoral radiographs. All six patient-pleasing flavors provide rapid onset within just 30 seconds.For more information, contact Crosstex at (631) 582-6777 or visit read more about Crosstex, go to Crosstex.To comment on these products, go to