Brasseler USA's Solution Laminate Veneer System aids organization

Feb. 13, 2008
System helps provide efficient completion of predictable laminate veneers.

Staying organized can be a constant challenge, but Brasseler USA's Solution family of restorative procedure systems can help.

The Solution Laminate Veneer System contains the specific-quantity Brasseler USA instrumentation required to efficiently complete predictable laminate veneers. Plus, the instruments come in a convenient organization and storage container.

The Solution Laminate Veneer System includes an assortment of diamond shapes made specifically for veneer preparation design in an autoclavable, labeled aluminum organization block. Also included is an assortment of VisionFlex diamond discs and strips for interproximal trimming.

In addition, Dialite diamond impregnated intraoral porcelain adjusting and polishing instruments in coarse, medium and fine grits and cup, flame and disc shapes for adjustment and final polishing are included. These instruments are positioned in a labeled, autoclavable aluminum organization block.

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