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March 1, 2005

Crosstex face shields

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See the big picture and notice the fine details that distinguish Crosstex Face Shields. Just like dentistry, the best designs transparently improve function, comfort, and esthetics. Crosstex Face Shields are anti-fog treated on both sides, and have a 1 1/2” foam headband that is less confining than other shields, and keeps the shield off the face for improved air flow and comfort. The latex-free headband is ultrasonically welded to the shield, not stapled.

Face shields protect the eyes and face from injury and also reduce direct contact from the spray and spatter of dental aerosols. Less outer contamination of masks may also extend mask use-life. For more information, call (888) CROSSTEX (276-7783) or visit

Empower Foam from Kerr TotalCare

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The first step in instrument processing is to skip a step! Save time, and avoid dangerous scrubbing of contaminated instruments. Empower Foam is an enzymatic cleaner designed to be sprayed on instruments to begin the cleaning process on soiled instruments while the room is being cleaned. The dual enzyme dissolves bioburden, preventing it from drying on instruments. The surfactant lifts water-based cements and other debris. Simply rinse the instruments and then either cycle them in the ultrasonic or skip that step and go right to the sterilizer. Pre-cleaning with Empower Foam dramatically cuts contamination and processing time in ultrasonic baths. Clean contaminated instruments before you even touch them, and without taking a step!

For more information, call your authorized Kerr dealer, visit, or call (800) 841-1428.

Dynamic Disposables disposable eyewear

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Exclusively from Palmero Health Care, these innovative products offer exceptional protection, functionality, style, and value! Featuring an ergonomically engineered frame and a wraparound lens, these “feather-light” eyewear are the answer to all of your eye splash protection needs. A patented attachment system meets the OSHA (no holes) standard and makes shield changing quick and easy. They utilize Ultra-Clear™ technology to create a shield that is fog-free, anti-static, anti-glare, and optically clear. Additionally, they are latex free.

For more details, call (800) 344-6424 or visit

Safe and efficient instrument processing

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Sterilizing instruments is safe and easy using SteriCages™ manufactured by DUX Dental. These economical containers hold individual instruments and complete sets, making handling easier and reducing the chances of injury to the auxiliary. Simply place all instruments in a SteriCage, and place the entire cage into the ultrasonic cleaner to remove debris. Once instruments are free of debris, dry and place entire SteriCage with instruments into a PeelVue+ sterilization pouch. Each SteriCage is autoclavable, and is constructed from durable plastic featuring a sturdy hinge and snap closure. DUX Dental SteriCages are available in nine eye-catching colors.

To order, call your favorite DUX Dealer. For technical information, call (800) 833-8267 or visit

Hu-Friedy announces the new Bag-ette™ pouch

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Hu-Friedy introduces the only self-sealing sterilization pouch specifically designed to fit the Hu-Friedy IMS™ Signature Series® cassettes. Bag-ette self-sealing sterilization pouches are constructed with durable materials and thick seals to help prevent instrument and cassette poke-through. The unique design optimizes the cassette fit, reducing bulky storage while simplifying packaging time. Built-in external and internal quality control indicators relay accurate time and temperature verification for peace of mind. The internal indicator strip can be attached to a patient’s chart for sterilization tracking.

For more information, call (800) HU-FRIEDY (483-7433).

Mydent International introduces DEFEND® vented oral evacuators

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The DEFEND vented oral evacuators are latex-free and designed with a smooth-end edge and a unique “S” tip for maximum patient comfort. The long, straight handle offers greater control and an unobstructed view, while the vented and nonvented ends on each evacuator make the product economical as well as easy to use.

The convenient, single-use, disposable evacuators are available in packages of 100 and can be purchased through authorized dealers. For more information, call (800) 275-0020, or visit

New non-foaming, neutral vacuum line cleaner

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Biotrol introduces NeutraVAC™, a dual-action dental vacuum line cleaner that dissolves and removes organic and inorganic debris in evacuation systems. Its neutral pH formula does not harm amalgam separators, and features a mountain-fresh scent. NeutraVAC is super-concentrated - dilutes 0.5 ounces to one quart (32 ounces) of water. It is available in a convenient one-quart squeeze-up bottle, and an economical three-quart (96 ounces) bottle with 0.5 ounce calibrated pump. It also is available in a starter kit - one-quart bottle, atomizer, and accessories.

For more information, call (800) 822-8550 or visit

HurriSept® antiseptic hand gel

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Beutlich® LP Pharmaceuticals introduces HurriSept antiseptic hand gel, a waterless, alcohol-based hand rub for healthcare personnel. Hand hygiene practice is the main preventive measure for reducing the transmission of infectious microorganisms. The CDC guidelines recommend the use of alcohol-based hand rubs when hands are not visibly soiled. HurriSept antiseptic hand gel contains 70 percent ethyl alcohol for effective hand antisepsis, and the aloe vera in the formula keeps hands soft. The 16-ounce pump bottle can be placed anywhere for easy access. The “Berry Fresh” scent is pleasing to use throughout the day.

Special introductory offer - buy five bottles and get one bottle free. For more information and pricing, call (800) 238-8542.