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March 1, 2006
Make sure you have a full, new catalog on hand for 2006 and take advantage of ADAA’s many new and revised courses.
ADAA President
Debra L. Von Alman
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Make sure you have a full, new catalog on hand for 2006 and take advantage of ADAA’s many new and revised courses. The catalog was included in the November/December 2005 Dental Assistant Journal, but if you’d like a separate copy or a copy for the office or a friend, e-mail srobles@ or fax a request to (312) 541-1496.

Take look at the new and revised courses presented here and note that the package we put together to prepare for the national examination is still a great bargain in what’s shaping up to be a great year.

Very Important. All of our courses are approved for CE credits by the Dental Assisting National Board and most state agencies requiring dental assisting education.

New in 2006

Blood Pressure Guidelines and Screening Techniques
This course teaches the dental health professional to be aware of the causes of hypertension. It describes the appropriate method of taking a blood pressure and how to determine recommendations for follow-up and lifestyle medications for patient treatment
#0503 (1 Hour) $15 ADAA Member $22 Nonmember

Not All Face Masks Are Created Equal - What Is Best for You
Not all face masks are created equal. Many factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a face mask for personal protection. This course provides important information to help dental professionals make informed decisions.
#0507 (1 Hour) $15 ADAA Member $22 Nonmember

Setting it Straight - Advanced Orthodontics
Extending beyond the content covered in the basic orthodontics course, this course includes information on the six keys to occlusion, orthodontic bonding materials and techniques, instrumentation, archwire alloys, early treatment considerations, treatment risks and limitations, and the latest technologies, with the goal of familiarizing dental assistants with the more advanced aspects of orthodontics.
#0510 (3 Hours) $27 ADAA Member $38 Nonmember

Maxillofacial Surgery Basics for the Dental Assistant IIIndependent of course I in this series, this course reviews the basic principles of oral surgery, including reasons for extractions, basic and surgical techniques, flap designs, management of impacted teeth, and instrumentation. It is designed to give the dental assistant insight into how oral surgical procedures are performed.
#0512 (4 Hours) $36 ADAA Member $50 Nonmember

Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health Care Settings
Understanding current infection control regulations and recommendations for dental settings is critical to assuring the health and safety of patients and dental team members. The CDC’s “Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings, 2003” sets a standard of care for dental infection control. Dental offices also must comply with OSHA mandates as well as any state and/or local regulations. This course reviews significant infection control publications and supports optimal dental infection control and safety.
#0514 (4 Hours) $36 ADAA Member $50 Nonmember

Local Anesthesia in Today’s Dental Practice
The success of contemporary dental practice largely hinges on the use of local anesthesia for patient comfort and safety. Dental assistants should have a basic understanding of local anesthesia, proper methods for handling syringes, possible complications, and how to manage emergencies.
#0517 (2 Hours) $22 ADAA Member $32 Nonmember

Updated for 2006

Prevention and Management of Oral Complications of Cancer Treatment(2 hrs-#0506) Oral Health Maintenance of Dental Implants (1 hr-#0511) Understanding the Dangers and Health Consequences of Spit Tobacco Use (3 hrs-#0502) Sports-Related Dental Injuries and Sports Dentistry (2 hrs-#0504) Geriatric Dentistry: Reviewing the Present, Preparing for the Future (4 hrs-#0501) Dental Assistant’s Role in Identifying and Preventing Family Violence (3 hrs-#0505) Maintaining Proper Dental Records (1 hr-#0508) Basic Concepts of Dental Practice Management (5 hrs-#0513) Introduction to Computerized Dental Systems (3 hrs-#0516) The Importance of Pharmacology in Dental Care (5 hrs-#0509)

National Exam Prep Package

All three courses needed to prepare for a comprehensive national examination at substantial savings. Start prepping!

Course #0109: General Chairside Assisting: A Review for a National Chairside Exam - usually $85 member, $110 nonmember

Course #0412: Infection Control in the Dental Office: A Review for a National Infection Control Exam (revised in 2005) usually $55 member, $75 nonmember

Course #0309: Introduction to Basic Concepts in Dental Radiography usually $65 member, $85 nonmember
A package worth $205 to members for only $150
Nonmembers would usually pay $270 and can purchase all three for only $225

For a complete CE catalog, e-mail [email protected] or fax a request to (312) 541-1496