Sultan Chemists announces Com-Fit Groovy Mask

Jan. 3, 2005
Attractive tie-dyed look appeals to all staff members and helps your patients "mellow out." It's groovy, baby!

Sultan Chemists, a leader in manufacturing of infection control products and oral therapeutics since 1872, today announced the launch of its Com-Fit Groovy Mask. Available in January 2005, the Groovy Mask offers far out protection, with a "groovy" look that appeals to both practitioners and patients.

In addition to an appealing "tie-dyed" look, the Groovy Mask offers superior protection and breathability for users:
** Highest level of fluid resistance (160 mmHg, per ASTM F1862 Fluid Resistance test) to provide the maximum protection against blood, aerosols and other body fluids.
** Improved breathe-ability over leading fluid resistant masks allows the wearer to be cool and comfortable.
** 99.9% particulate filtration at 0.1 micron and 99% bacterial filtration at 3.0 micron ensure a high level of protection against bacteria, viruses and other microscopic particles.

The Groovy Mask comes in a color scheme of predominantly light blue, with purples and greens, which are cool, comforting colors for patients, and also allow wearers to show more style than they can with traditional, monochromatic masks.

"Many of us recall the days of plain uniforms for dentists and other professionals," Carey Lyons, Executive Vice President of Sultan Chemists. "More varied uniforms are now available, which allows for a greater display of personal taste in the workplace. The Groovy Mask takes this a step further, allowing dental professionals to display their personality, while achieving superior infection control as it provides a soothing color scheme and a less clinical view for the patients."

For a limited time, Sultan Chemists is offering a free "Groovy Poster" with your case purchase of Groovy masks. This poster is sure to add a "groovy, far-out" touch to your office.

Sultan Chemists is also offering a wall-mount bracket to easily dispense your Com-Fit masks accompanied by an educational "how to" on proper mask usage to help your staff maintain compliance with CDC recommendations. This offer applies to any case purchase of pleated Com-Fit masks. Offer available for a limited time. Contact Sultan Chemists for more details.

Groovy Mask purchases also earn valuable Sultan "CrownPoints" through the company's innovative customer rewards program. An industry first, the CrownPoints program offers loyal Sultan customers the opportunity to earn points that can be redeemed for educational videos, CE credits, prestigious dental newsletters, and other merchandise and materials that are directly related to helping dentists to build their practice, improve their skills and learn about the latest clinical techniques and technologies.

Sultan Chemists, established in 1872, distributes products exclusively through dental dealers on every continent and maintains its global reach with an extensive network of highly trained field representatives. For more information on Sultan Chemists or any of its fine products, contact Sultan Customer Service in their Englewood, N.J., office at (800) 637-8582, or visit