WOMAN DENTIST JOURNAL (with the American Association of Women Dentists) CALL FOR SCIENTIFIC PAPERS

The purpose of Woman Dentist Journal (WDJ) is to support women dentists in their comprehensive, high-performance practices. This section of the journal is designed to support the science of dental practice. We encourage article submissions on behavioral science, communication science, infection control, bioterrorism issues, original research, review articles, clinical cases, and practice management. Articles of 1,000-2,500 words are most appropriate for WDJ. Clinical articles and/or cases must include the objectives, specific methods used, results or lessons learned, and conclusions. Authors are encouraged to include no more than 5 photographs, figures, and illustrations (clinical cases may submit 8-10 photos). It is understood that all photographs submitted are the property of WDJ. Because of space considerations, authors should understand that photographs might not be published. The editor reserves the right to edit all manuscripts. It is required that the manuscript be submitted as a digital copy by email or on disk. Once reviewed by the editorial board, manuscripts may be returned to the author for revision.

References: References must be cited in the text accurately and numerically, in order of appearance in the text. Journal references: List the last name(s) and initial(s) of the author(s), article title, journal abbreviation, year, volume number, and pagination (e.g., Leonard RH, Haywood VB, Caplan DJ, Tart ND. Nightguard vital bleaching of tetracycline-stained teeth 7.5 years post-treatment. J Dent Res 2002; 81:1962.).

Book references: List the last names(s) and initial(s) of the author(s) or editor(s); book title; edition number; city, state, and name of publisher; and specific pages(s) (e.g., Ash MM. Wheeler's dental anatomy, physiology and occlusion. 7th ed. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders, 1993: 46-83.).

Personal communications: List the name and location of the person who initiated the communication and the date it occurred (e.g., Smith J. Personal communication, Springfield, Illinois; May 21, 1992.).

Photographs, figures, and illustrations: Figures may be photographs, slides, drawings, radiographs, graphs, charts, or digital images. A figure number (Fig. 1, 1a, and so forth) that corresponds to an accompanying legend should be included for each submission. Color is preferred for all photos and images. The figure number and the top edge must be indicated on the back of each print. Images cannot be accepted as embedded objects in software programs such as Word, Word Perfect, Power Point, etc. Digital images (.jpg and .tiff preferred) should be sent at 300 dpi to ensure image quality is maintained in the publication. Nondigital images must be of print quality that can be scanned. The publisher does not guarantee that a submission will be entered into a specific issue of the journal.

Copyright release: All manuscripts must be accompanied by a copyright release, signed by all of the authors, and must contain the following statement: "In consideration of WDJ taking action in reviewing and editing my/our submission, the author(s) undersigned hereby transfer(s), assign(s), or otherwise convey(s) all copyright ownership to WDJ in the event that such work is published by WDJ. Such ownership encompasses all electronic rights, including (but not limited to) audio, video, and digital forms, and the broadcast or transmission thereof. I certify that the material submitted is original, has not been submitted to any other publication or entity, and is for the exclusive use of WDJ."

Author information: A brief, paragraph-style biographical sketch of each author should accompany the manuscript (on disk or via email), along with a photo (on disk, via email, or one that can be scanned). Designate one author as correspondent and provide his/her complete contact information.

Send a hard copy of the original manuscript and photos/inclusions ALONG WITH A DIGITAL COPY by
email or on disk to:
Dr. Margaret Scarlett, WDJ Managing Editor, 175 17th St., Atlanta, GA 30309, phone 404.875.0092, fax 404.875.0505, email

Questions regarding editorial should be directed to:
Dr. Margaret Scarlett, Managing Editor, phone 404.875.0092, fax 404.875.0505, email
Dr. Sharon Siegel, Science Editor, phone 954.262.7379, fax 954.262.1782, email

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