Infection control distributor unveils new global brand identity

April 1, 2013
Identity reflects A.R. Medicom's position as a worldwide organization.

MONTREAL, Canada--A.R. Medicom celebrates 25 years as a manufacturer and distributor of infection control products with the unveiling of a new global brand identity that reflects the company’s position as a worldwide organization.

To create a new brand identity, Medicom commissioned Spring Design Partners, an award‐winning New York-based design agency to help develop a cohesive visual brand identity and architecture that would embody the vision and mission of the organization as the company continues to expand globally.

“We are bringing Medicom to a new level by incorporating our fundamental values of pride, trust and quality into our brand design principles,” explained Gayle Padvaiskas, marketing director. “The more our message and visual identity build a story that resonates with our consumers, the more effective we will be in captivating them and in building loyalty for the Medicom master brand and range of sub brands.”

At the center of the new branding strategy is a focus on the main values of the organization. The word mark retains the iconic signature blue with a modern twist, symbolizing depth, stability, and trust. New blue and green hues have been added to convey energy, safety, and protection.

The updated, timeless, and proprietary font is representative of the strength of the company’s relationships with trusted partners and customers, which has been coupled with a new icon. The icon is specifically designed as a knot, an ancient heraldic symbol of longevity, commitment, and permanence. Each loop represents the core corporate values of trust, pride, and quality. These come together to form a shield to represent the Medicom focus on protection.

Overall, the new visual identity and logo represent the Medicom commitment to relationships and leverage a balanced and methodical use of color and light to deliver a sense of vitality.

Commenting on the Medicom global identity, Ronald Reuben, founder and CEO, said: “After 25 years of success, our new brand identity marks the beginning of the next chapter for our organization, and it represents a fantastic opportunity for us to do something historic and game‐changing. Being aligned under a global vision, mission, and value set will lead the company in one direction and guide the team to strive for a bright future with concerted efforts in the years to come.

“Given the competitive landscape and history of Medicom, we have a unique opportunity to differentiate ourselves within the infection control category,” added Reuben. “The strategic rationale and visual identity signals our commitment to take on global challenges. It will be used as a vehicle to share our message of the pride we take in the protection we offer to the world’s health-care community.”

The new identity was scheduled to be unveiled March 12, 2013, at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany. The unveiling will kick off a year‐long celebration of the company’s 25th anniversary in business. The visual identity will be rolled out through packaging, on‐line, advertising, communications, and other vehicles.

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