Wipes receive EPA acceptance for three new kill claims

PDI Super Sani-Cloth Wipes gains EPA acceptance.

ORANGEBURG, New York—PDI, a company that provides infection prevention solutions, has announced changes to the Super Sani-Cloth Germicidal Disposable Wipes master label. The wipes have received EPA acceptance on kill claims for three key microorganisms: Bordetella pertussis, Enterobacter cloacae (NDM-1 Positive) and Klebsiella pneumoniae (KPC-2 positive, multi-drug and carbapenem resistant). The formulation of Super-Sani Cloth has not changed. Additional label enhancements include listing isopropyl alcohol as an active ingredient and improved language in the directions for use. “With this announcement, our partners can feel even more confident that PDI products meet and exceed the highest clinical standards and regulatory guidelines, said Melanie Kupperman, product manager for Sani-Cloth. “We continue to innovate both products and packaging so health-care facilities have the best technology available to help in the fight against multi-drug resistant organisms and health-care associated infections.” Super Sani-Cloth is tested effective against 30 microorganisms with a contact time of two minutes for fast-paced environments that require quick room turnover. It is formulated to serve as a house-wide solution for disinfecting high-touch, nonporous surfaces, and is compatible with a broad range of equipment. It is available in multiple sizes including a large canister (6” x 6.75” wipe), extra-large canister (7.5” x 15” wipe), large individual packets (5” x 8” wipe), and extra-large individual packets (11.5” x 11.75” wipe). The Sani-Cloth line from PDI includes Super Sani-Cloth, Sani-Cloth AF3, and Sani-Cloth Bleach. Complemented by PDI’s range of compliance tools, ongoing clinical support and comprehensive implementation training for staff, the San-Cloth Environmental Hygiene system offers a solution for house-wide and situational use.

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