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Sterilex is the only company with EPA-registered biofilm claims for dental unit waterline treatment.

Nov. 1, 2005
Sterilex is a company with a mission - to kill dangerous microorganisms where they live and breed, and to dissolve away the protective habitat they form, called biofilm.
Sterilex is a company with a mission - to kill dangerous microorganisms where they live and breed, and to dissolve away the protective habitat they form, called biofilm. Sterilex is the first - and only - company to be granted product claims by the EPA that include the prevention, penetration, and removal of biofilm from dental unit waterlines, killing of biofilm bacteria, and maintaining dental unit water <500 cfu/ml. In fact, Sterilex was the first company to ever receive EPA approval to claim antibiofilm efficacy on its products for industrial water treatment, and is now the first company to receive these claims for a public health use.

Who should care about dental unit water quality?

Patients and staff want to be assured that the dental profession is practicing the highest level of infection control. Significant subgroups of the population are at heightened risk, including immunocompromised patients, pregnant women, and the elderly. High standards of care will differentiate the best dental practices and will minimize liability. Using Sterilex Liquid Ultra is a quick and easy process to ensure that water used in dental procedures meets potability standards.

Sales reps will benefit by educating their customers and helping them stand out among their peers. Sales reps can help dental professionals meet the new CDC Guidelines for Dental Infection Control, which represent the latest standard of care. Sales reps will be recognized for selling a superior product that has achieved regulatory clearances that are unique in the marketplace.

Sterilex chemistry targets biofilm - a reservoir of bacterial pathogens

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Virtually all microorganisms live in biofilm in natural environments, and biofilm is a predominant cause of antimicrobial resistance. Biofilm thrives in the low water flow rate, high surface-to-volume characteristics of dental unit waterlines (duwl). Even when incoming water quality is good, and low numbers of microorganisms are introduced into dental unit waterlines (duwl), the adherence of biofilms to the inner lumen of the duwl enables microorganisms to rapidly reproduce, yielding bacterial counts that can exceed 1 million colony forming units per milliliter (cfu/ml) in the effluent water. Research studies have shown that the microorganisms in duwl biofilm can include pathogens such as Legionella haemophilus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which have been linked to infections in patients and staff. The latest CDC Guidelines for Dental Infection Control recommend that duwl water at least meet EPA drinking water standards, which is a minimum expectation in a healthcare setting.

Scientific research has shown that routine germicides are minimally effective against biofilm. Sterilex has patented a unique chemistry that rapidly dislodges biofilm from surfaces, breaks apart the biofilm polymer matrix, and kills the microorganisms within it. It is for this reason that Sterilex is the only company that is permitted by the EPA to make antibiofilm claims. Sterilex products are approved for once per week use because the chemistry is so effective. No other company can make these claims for their duwl products! Numerous independent clinical research studies have demonstrated the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of Sterilex products.

Unparalleled service from Sterilex

Sterilex provides toll-free support to dentists, sales reps, and dealers. In addition to Sterilex staff, the company employs 19 territory representatives. For more information, call (410) 581-8860 or (800) 511-1659, or log on to