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Get off to a good start in 2005

Jan. 1, 2005
It’s not too late to wish you a Happy New Year! I hope this will be a good year for you professionally and personally.

It’s not too late to wish you a Happy New Year! I hope this will be a good year for you professionally and personally. As always, the ADAA will do its best in 2005 to help you professionally with continuing education opportunities. We have several new and revised home study courses offered in our new catalog that I would like to share with you. In addition to the new and revised courses, there are dozens of courses available on most subjects pertinent to dental assisting. Request your catalog today and improve your professional power through continuing education.

Though education is important, it is not the only thing that ADAA does for dental assistants. We continually work to evaluate the needs of our membership and provide them with the personal and professional services they need. We accomplish this through feedback from our state and local components and from contact with our educator members. They are in touch with the newest dental assistants in town - the students. We have an opportunity to get their feedback through the Educators’ Newsletter and the Student Newsletter, supplementary publications of the ADAA’s official bimonthly journal, The Dental Assistant.

In order to run an effective organization, it is important to spread the word to the dental community that dental assistants are a very important professional component of the dental team. I have been meeting with state components and other dental related organizations to help meet the needs of our ADAA members. Over the last six months I have met with members of the National Dental Association, Dental Assisting National Board, Canadian Dental Assistants Association, Virginia Dental Assistants Association, American Dental Association, Hispanic Dental Association, Pennsylvania Dental Assistants Association, Academy of General Dentistry, Iowa Dental Assistants Association, and the New York Dental Association. We look forward to the Chicago Midwinter Meeting and other opportunities for interaction and promotion.

As we speak, publish and teach in behalf of the dental assisting profession, we urge those of you have not already taken advantage of our membership to do so now. Make a move in your own self interest and join us ... the people who make dental assisting a profession. There are so many concrete benefits including discounts on home study courses, all of which are approved for DANB recertification and Registration (RDA) renewal in the many states where continuing education is required. There are other benefits too. Professional Liability Insurance that is yours - not your employer’s - included in your dues along with Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance. There are credit card programs, health insurance options in most states for those who qualify, free internet resumé posting benefits, credit card and other personal financial programs. The ADAA Journal is available six times each year with at least two and usually three free continuing education courses. In many areas, state associations and local components provide continuing education lectures as well.

ADAA President Kristy S. Borquez CDA, RDAEF, FADAA
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In this issue of DE&M we’re offering a discounted membership which saves you up to $45 depending on the state you live in. If you’re planning to buy CE courses, the discount will pay for part of your dues and we suggest your employer pick up the rest - it’s a wonderful employee benefit.

Join us and wear the gold lapel pin we will be pleased to send you. It’s a good way to start a good new year!

New CE Courses from ADAA

Wired for Learning - Orthodontic Basics
#0404 (3 Hours) $27 ADAA Member $38 Nonmember

Maxillofacial Surgery Basics for the Dental Assistant I
#0410 (4 Hours) $36 ADAA Members $50 Nonmembers

The Ergonomics of Dental Assisting: Preventing and Managing Work-Related Pain
#0411 (3 Hours) $27 ADAA Member $38 Nonmember

Hypnodontics: Utilizing Hypnotic Techniques and Hypnotherapy in Dentistry
#0406 (3 Hours) $27 ADAA Member $38 Nonmember

Osteoradionecrosis: Oral Health and Dental Treatment
#0402 (1 Hour) $15 ADAA Member $22 Nonmember

Diabetes and Periodontal Disease
#0407 (1 Hour) $15 ADAA Member $22 Nonmember

Current Concepts in Preventive Dentistry
#0408 (5 Hours) $45 ADAA Member $56 Nonmember

Digital Radiography in Dentistry: Moving from Film-Based to Digital Imaging
#0409 (4 Hours) $36 ADAA Member $50 Nonmember

Revised CE Courses from ADAA

Understanding Nicotine Addiction and Intervention Techniques for the Dental Professional
#0403 (3 Hours) $27 ADAA Member $38 Nonmember

Diseases of the Teeth and Jaws
#0405 (4 Hours) $36 ADAA Member $50 Nonmember

Infection Control in the Dental Office: A Review for a National Infection Control Exam
#0412 (12 Hours) $55 ADAA Member $75 Nonmember

If you would like a copy of our catalog or wish to order one of these courses, please send an e-mail to: [email protected] or phone (312) 541-1550 x211.