Dentist wins treatment center at ACDNA annual meeting

July 7, 2005
Dr. Jeff Rick of Hollister, Mo., presented with grand prize at Academy of Computerized Dentistry of North America function.

Dr. Jeff Rick of Hollister, Mo., recently won the Sirona C8+ Dental Treatment Center during a drawing at this year's Academy of Computerized Dentistry of North America (ACDNA) annual meeting in Chicago.

At the ACDNA closing dinner, Dr. Rick was presented with a C8+ Dental Treatment Center, which offers an ergonomical, flexible and aesthetic range of options to meet the dental professional's specific chairside needs. In addition to the grand prize, he also received a tour of Sirona USA in Charlotte, NC.

"This is the coolest thing I've won since I won 'The Long Run' album by the Eagles at my school dance in the eighth grade," said Dr. Rick. "You always go in thinking you might win, but not expecting to win anything," he added.

Dr. Rick has been a member of the CEREC community since October 1998 and has enjoyed how well the system integrated into his practice. "CEREC works well in my practice because there are a lot of tourists where I live and as the only CEREC doctor in the area, I can provide them with same-day service that they wouldn't normally be able to receive," he said.

The ACDNA meeting gave Dr. Rick a greater interest in CEREC after he attended the courses and was able to speak with doctors from all over the country. The meeting was different for him, because he normally avoids traveling very far from Missouri to earn his continuing education credits.

"I went to the meeting and was so excited about what I had learned that I came back and started additional training for my staff in an effort to utilize CEREC even more in my practice," he said.

Dr. Rick, who had never been to Charlotte, enjoyed his tour of the facilities and meeting the employees of Sirona Dental Systems USA. "Hats off to Sirona for making this trip worthwhile," he commented.

Dr. Rick, who is married with two children, runs a general practice with an office staff of nine. He has a softer side that is shown with the charity work that he does for children in need. He is also a member of a group of dentists in Missouri that provide volunteer dental work for children who cannot afford it.