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Sept. 26, 2003
GC Lab Technologies Division of GC America Inc., is completely dedicated to providing education and "hands on" training on the use of all its high quality lab products.

GC Lab Technologies Division of GC America Inc., is completely dedicated to providing education and "hands on" training on the use of all its high quality lab products. GC America recently completed construction of a dental laboratory in its Logistics Training Center, located in suburban Chicago, Illinois. The new training laboratory has full service training capabilities (see pictures.) It features 13 fully equipped working stations and an instructor station.

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GC has an international reputation for manufacturing some of the highest quality dental laboratory products in the world. GC now offers a complete line of well-established, high quality investments, such as Fujivest II* and FujiROCK*, one of the world's leading die stone.

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Most recently GC America has introduced GRADIA INDIRECT*, an indirect composite that offers the ultimate in aesthetics and durability. GRADIA INDIRECT is a market-leading product in several countries in Europe and around the world. At the 2004 Cal Lab/Midwinter meeting, GC America plans to introduce another outstanding aesthetic product, INITIAL, which is a new state-of-the-art all-encompassing Ceramic system. This product was introduced at last year's IDS meeting in Cologne and was extremely well received. Several high-end Ceramic laboratories in the US are now anxious to begin working with INITIAL.

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GC America understands the all-important role that education and training plays in the success of any technique sensitive laboratory products. With our new training laboratory, we will bring together the best technicians so that all involved can improve their knowledge and skills with GC products.

In almost every country throughout the world the GC Corporation is a strong player in the dental laboratory market. GC America and the Lab Division of GC America is now fully committed to laboratory business and are striving to provide its laboratory customers with improved customer service, more field sales representation and now the technical support needed to insure the absolute best results with GC laboratory products.

Some premier selling GC laboratory products are:

*Fujivest II is an all-around investment with uncompromising quality. It can be used with or without a casting ring. It can also be used with all dental alloys including Co-Cr and Ni-Cr. A distinct advantage of GC Fujivest II is that users can choose between quick heating and stepped heating progression without the problem of expansion differences.
The reformulated GC Fujivest II powder mix gives greatly reduced surface roughness, especially with non-precious metal alloys.

*GC FujiROCK EP, type IV super-hard stone, has a longer handling time with a shorter setting time through the new Snap-Set behavior. Its impressive reproduction of the finest surface details is a result of the improved thixotropic pouring properties. Another feature of FujiROCK EP is the uncomplicated splinter-free working with stable edges achieved by increased and durable initial surface hardness.

*GRADIA INDIRECT is a light-cured micro-ceramic composite system for indirect restorations — crown and bridge, inlays, onlays and veneers. It's unsurpassed durability, natural opalescence, and excellent life-like esthetics are the products of GC's innovative hybrid MFR formulation.

The unique chemistry of GRADIA INDIRECT couples micro-fine ceramic/pre-polymer filler with a urethane dimethacrylate matrix to product a superior ceramic composite with exceptionally high strength, wear resistance and superior polishability. With GRADIA, you get the beauty of a microfill, and the strength of a hybrid. GRADIA INDIRECT is biocompatible and kind to opposing teeth.