AACD Scientific Session Pre-Convention Guide due out soon

Nov. 16, 2001
The 18th Annual AACD Scientific Session in Honolulu promises to provide the most complete continuing education program available in cosmetic dentistry today.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) will host its 18th Annual Scientific Session from May 7-12, 2002. For one week, the cosmetic dental community will convene in tropical Honolulu, Hawaii and join the AACD in taking cosmetic dentistry From Solo to Symphony. The complete Pre-Convention Guide, which contains full conference information, including detailed course descriptions and registration materials, will be available in December 2001.

The 18th Annual AACD Scientific Session promises to provide the most complete continuing education program available in cosmetic dentistry today. From Solo to Symphony aims to combine the multiple professions that play a part in fine smile design. While there will be many courses designated for dentists, the AACD will offer more courses geared for dental laboratory technicians, dental hygienists, and dental assistants than ever before by focusing on a team approach that holds the future of cosmetic dentistry!

The outstanding continuing educational program offered at the 18th Annual AACD Scientific Session features key opportunities that are not found anywhere else in dentistry, including:

-- Interactive Presentations, including the Occlusion Panel -- Panels of distinguished dentists will discuss cosmetic dentistry in-depth, and answer attendees' questions during the informative question and answer period. The multi-expert Occlusion Panel highlights these programs.

-- Over 70 World-Class Speakers -- Experts from around the world make up an unrivaled roster of renowned names and will present topics ranging from precision in specific clinical techniques to marketing your practice in an increasingly competitive environment.

-- Team-Oriented Training -- The AACD will offer more training for dental assistants, hygienists, and lab technicians than ever before in order to prepare attendees for the future of the profession.

-- General-Life Learning -- The AACD will offer daily, full-assembly leaning sessions intended to improve all attendees' quality of life.

In addition, there will be:

-- Boris Brott -- "Playing Together"

-- Connie Podesta -- "Life Would Be Easy if it Weren't for Other People"

-- The Passing Zone -- "You've Heard of Keynote Speakers, But Keynote Jugglers?"

-- Captain Gerald Coffee -- "Beyond Survival"

"The Annual AACD Scientific Session provides dental professionals with the most complete continuing education experience available in dentistry today," commented AACD President Dr. Arthur Chal of Phoenix, Ariz. "The educational program evolves each year in order to cover all important aspects of a modern-day dental practice."

If the continuing educational program is not enough to draw dental professionals to the Islands, then the amenities awaiting attendees are sure to do just that! Most conference activities will take place at the newly remodeled, state-of-the-art Hawaii Convention Center, while "paradise awaits" attendees at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort and Spa -- the official conference hotel. This luxurious hotel features lush tropical gardens, waterfalls, exotic wildlife, and priceless artwork. As Waikiki's only true resort, it is a perfect blend of luxurious accommodations, over 20 restaurants and lounges, shopping, recreational and cultural activities, nightly entertainment, and more.

The complete Pre-Convention Guide for the 18th Annual AACD Scientific Session will be available upon request beginning in December 2001. To request your copy, please contact toll-free at (800) 543-9220, or via e-mail at [email protected] . The publication will also be available on-line at www.aacdhawaii.com , the official Web site of the conference.

For more information regarding the AACD's 18th Annual Scientific Session in Honolulu, Hawaii from May 7-12, 2002, please visit www.aacdhawaii.com. This site features all of the important information about the session, including updated listings of speakers scheduled to present, registration materials, travel tips, and current updates.