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March 1, 2006
This is what we all strive to do.

By the Editor: DR. SHERI DONIGER

This is what we all strive to do. This is a column created to embody a hands-on approach toward user-frien­dly solutions for our lives. Each month I discuss concepts relating to woman dentists, their lives, and their work. I focus on alternative dental products, Web sites, books, concepts, and organizations that simplify our world.

Logi Bloc®

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How many times have you asked patients to, “Open, please?” With these modern bite blocks you get access and unrestricted approach to your working area. They come in four distinct colors and sizes - extra small, pedo, standard, and large - and are curved to form to the angle of the mouth. Proper placement allows for visual and physical access to your working area. Placement enhances assistant evacuation, too. Our patients ask for them! In addition, they’re latex-free. For more information, call Common Sense Dental Products at (888) 853-5773.

Epocrates Rx

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Have you ever needed a drug description ASAP? If you own a personal digital assistant, you can download this free software to it. Several programs are available, but I find the drug interactions (dosage, contraindications, adverse reactions) are invaluable to my daily practice. You can install updates automatically when you synchronize your PDA to your computer. Continuing education modules are also offered, as well as alternative medicine medications. We’ve used Epocrates Rx for many years. For more information, go to

Sunstar Butler Plak-Check®

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By using the yellow sodium fluorescein liquid dye that becomes visible only with the provided blue light to disclose plaque, Plak-Check® eliminates residual stains common to disclosants. The solution comes in individually wrapped applicators. Break the stick inside the wrap, place swab below tongue for a few seconds, and tell patients to swish, then rinse. Remaining biofilm will glow yellow. To visualize plaque and linguals, patients hold the light/mirror unit in front of teeth. A consumer product will be available soon. Call Sunstar Butler at (800) 553-2003 or go to