"Mouthie" comes to life

May 24, 2006
MouthPower program and exhibition deliver National Museum of Dentistry's signature message about the importance of oral health in a healthy life.

BALTIMORE, Maryland--The Dr. Samuel D. Harris National Museum of Dentistry is pleased to announce the opening of MouthPower: The Exhibition.

Beginning as a scout patch program to help young people develop skills to have and maintain a healthy mouth and body, MouthPower has expanded to an online (www.mouthpower.org) program and exhibition to deliver NMD's signature message of the importance of oral health in a healthy life.

Mouthie, the interactive chatterteeth mascot of MouthPower, has become famous with the success of this non-clinical interactive oral health education program. 

There have been more than 40,000 unique visitors to the online program since going live in December 2005 and more than 3,500 scout patches awarded since MouthPower's inception.

The development of this, the third version of MouthPower gives NMD the opportunity to reach more elementary school age children and will provide much needed information about good oral health. Visitors to the exhibition engage in a hands-on experience as they explore the oral hygiene center, learn the importance of healthy eating and learn to say no to tobacco. 

MouthPower: The Exhibition has several interactive modules which focus on the food pyramid, tooth anatomy, historic and modern dental instruments and the members of a professional dental team.

"With the opening of MouthPower: The Exhibition, Mouthie will have a home at the Museum and later will be the focus for a traveling version of the exhibit. Our young visitors will enjoy exploring Mouthie's laboratory where they will learn how to take care of their teeth, how to choose healthy foods and learn that even Mouthie needs to exercise every day," explains Rosemary C. Fetter, NMD's Executive Director.

The Exhibition which opens June 2006 in conjunction with the Museum's 10th Anniversary celebration is made possible through the generous support of Colgate-Palmolive.

For more information about the museum or to purchase tickets, call (410) 706-8477 or visit www.dentalmuseum.org.