Director's Spotlight: The newest products and news from GNYM

Dec. 7, 2005
RDH eVillage has several hot tips for you that we discovered at the Greater New York Dental Meeting.

Are you wondering why RDH eVillage is arriving early in December rather than the last Friday of November? Well, too much turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, hot rolls with melted butter, pecan pie, eggnog, football, my sister-in-law Julie, and dishes all came together like the perfect storm. As I was navigating the holiday, I did pause and reflect on how grateful I am for the past year's opportunities, and my new and growing relationships within my personal and professional families.

All that eating and giving thanks, though, made me very sleepy.

The upside to my long siesta is that I can finally fit back into my "pre-holiday" pants and this issue of the RDH eVillage is stuffed fuller than the late Tom the Thanksgiving Turkey (may he rest in peace) with the latest and greatest news, tips, and products. And the cream on the latte is that you will receive two editions of RDH eVillage during December. Our last issue for 2005 is scheduled for Friday December 28th.

Below are some of the up-to-the-minute industry news and educational materials.

Research Found Simply

The IADR/AADR launched the new IADR/AADR Legacy Data Project of the Journal of Dental Research, Critical Reviews in Oral Biology & Medicine, and Advances in Dental Research on Tuesday, Nov. 15. The project, which was partially sponsored by the ADEA Gies Foundation, allows researchers and the general public to search and view articles from these publications dating from the first issue of the JDR in 1919 to the present. More than 40 people attended the launch ceremony at the Library of Congress. Anthony J. Smith, Editor of the JDR, William J. Gies II, grandson of JDR founder William J. Gies, ADEA Executive Director Richard Valachovic, and IADR Executive Director Christopher H. Fox all gave remarks.

"We are delighted to provide open access to 85 years of dental and craniofacial research," Fox said. "We believe this will be a valuable tool to both researchers and the public."

Help your Patients Afford Oral Health

A new independent analysis, released by the Academy of Dental CPA's (ADCPA), finds that practices using CareCredit's patient financing program experienced, on average, a 25.3 percent increase in gross annual production versus 4.1 percent in practices without a financing program.

In addition, Accounts Receivable Aging was decreased by 37.7 percent in practices using CareCredit versus a decrease of 3.8 percent in practices not using a program. When compared to the average annual gross production of $600,000, a 25.3 percent increase, as experienced by those practices with the CareCredit program, represents $151,800 per year. For the complete study, go to

Sunstar Butler: 'Tis the Season for education

Sunstar Butler, a leader in providing advanced oral care products for both professionals and consumers worldwide, has developed three new patient education aids to assist dental professionals in elevating patient awareness and understanding of complete oral home care.

1. Two separate Sunstar Butler GUM® 3-Step™ System posters for healthier teeth and gums are now available to help facilitate better oral health through education and customization. The new 18x24-inch posters from Sunstar Butler are fabricated with special "ClingZ" paper that adheres to any surface with static electricity — no tape or pins are needed. Offered at no charge to all Sunstar Butler Gold Members, the posters are carefully shipped in flat packages, ensuring no creases upon arrival.

2. A new Patient Flip Chart, maintenance guide for healthy teeth and gums. Intended for upright counter display, the flip chart is assembled in an easy-to-use three-ring binder and includes a base. The Patient Flip Chart is free of charge to all Sunstar Butler Gold Plan Members and costs $11.50 for other dental practices.

3. Its new, quarterly electronic newsletter entitled GUM Line. Available at no charge to dental professionals, each issue of GUM Line contains informative, easy-to-read articles, special offers, new product announcements, and practice building tips.

For additional information on Sunstar Butler's complete oral care product line, log on to

Caries management pamphlets available from GC America

Looking for additional support in caries management education for your patients? GC America is providing 25 MI Paste Patient Guides and a Display Easel for Your Practice — FREE! Log on to

Win a FREE iPod!

3M ESPE invites you to register to win an iPod mini for your practice by
viewing the new "no-rinse" sealant technique webstream at:

The focus of this educational webstream is the role that sealants play in preventive dentistry, the traditional placement technique, and the new no-rinse" technique. Being interviewed on the webstream is Linda Jorgenson, RDH, BS, who is the director of the dental hygiene program at Century Community College in White Bear Lake, MN. Also included is Linda performing a clinical sealant placement using 3M ESPE Adper Prompt Adhesive and 3M ESPE Clinpro Sealant.

Tom's of Maine and PBS: Partnership for Oral Systemic Health

Tom's of Maine Co-Founder and CEO Tom Chappell recently announced the company's sponsorship of a new season of the PBS series Health Body, Healthy Mind, including an important new segment on the link between oral and systemic health.

The award-winning Healthy Body, Healthy Mind series explores today's latest medical progress in health and wellness issues. Developed through the real life experiences of physicians and their patients, this series combines scientific and clinical data with poignant storytelling to deliver the best information to viewers.

The Dental Health episode (#410) examines the connection between gum disease and cardiovascular diseases, and other conditions including pre-term labor and delivery.

To see when Dental Health and other episodes of Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
will air on your local PBS channel visit:

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