Contact list for "Giving Reps Their Due"

April 27, 2007
Contact professional educators about visiting your dental hygiene school.

In the article Giving Reps Their Due, featured in the Focus section of this issue of RDH eVillage, Faith Y. Miller, an associate professor of dental hygiene at Southern Illinois University, writes about the valuable roles corporate educational consultants/partners play in our dental hygiene schools.

It might help her fellow educators to know which companies offer such services. As a starting point, Miller shared her modified contact list. I was able to add a few companies, yet I know the list is not complete.

As you read the list, please remember that some of these individuals cover certain territories, which may or may not include your school. They are however, a first point of contact, and an e-mail to them will probably help you connect with the educational consultant who serves your community.

Again, this initial list is not all-inclusive. If any educator or educational consultant wishes to share additional contacts, dates of presentation, etc., please e-mail them to me and I will revise the list and re-publish.

Please allow RDH eVillage to evolve into an education resource for the diverse corporate initiatives that bring the latest updates in technology and products to the future of our profession.

Kristine A. Hodsdon, RDH, BS
Director, eVillage
[email protected]

American Eagle Instruments Inc.
Renee Golden
[email protected]

Judy O'Brien RDH, BA
Academic Manager
Judy_o'[email protected]

DENTSPLY Professional
Marie George RDH, MS
Clinical Education Manager
[email protected]

Designs for Vision, Inc
Maria Mullen, Manufacturer Rep

Phyllis Martina
School & Institution Manager
[email protected]

Stephen Zack, Territory Manager
[email protected]

Noel Paschke, RDH, MS
Sr. Manager of Professional Education and Academic Affairs
[email protected]

Premier Dental Products Company
Lillian Caperila RDH, Med
National University Sales Manager and Professional Educator
[email protected]

SheerVision, Inc
Terri Wiest, RDH, BS
National Sales Director, Dental Hygiene Division
[email protected]

The Procter & Gamble Company.Oral-B
Cindy Sensabaugh, RDH, BS
Manager, Professional & Scientific Relations
P&G Professional Oral Care
[email protected]