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July 5, 2011
Portal provides Cloud-based online access to CAESY DVD’s 280-plus multimedia presentations.
ST. PAUL, Minnesota--Patterson Dental Supply has introduced CAESY Cloud, an online portal giving instant access to CAESY DVD’s multimedia presentations via the Cloud.The portal is compatible with PC and Mac desktop computers, Smartphones, the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. With CAESY Cloud, dental professionals will have access to patient education resources from multiple locations at the same time. While this is a new format of the CAESY Patient Education System, CAESY Cloud offers the same technology with more presentations. With content accessible through the Cloud, subscribers have instant access to the latest videos and updates.CAESY Cloud requires no installation; dental professionals can simply sign up for the service by visiting to gain access to the presentations for immediate chairside use. A low monthly subscription fee makes CAESY Cloud available to dental practices with little initial investment. All that is needed to access CAESY Cloud is an Internet connection. Network connections between participating computers are not required. After subscribing, users visit the website to access the full library of CAESY’s patient education presentations.5 tips to help your business growWith the addition of CAESY Cloud, dental professionals now have more tools and more options than ever, with three delivery formats to choose from--CAESY Cloud, CAESY DVD, or CAESY Enterprise. Dental professionals have seen how CAESY helps optimize staff time, eliminates the fatigue of repeating explanations, and increases case acceptance. With full-motion video, full-color graphics and dynamic 3D animation, CAESY makes it easier for patients to see and understand the message.For more information, visit or call (800) 294-8504.To comment on this product, go to