Oakstone set to expand dental education program

Dec. 7, 2012
Dr. Jim Lozier appointed as chief dental officer.

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama--Oakstone, a provider of multimedia educational activities for health-care professionals as well as corporate wellness resources, has announced the appointment of Dr. Jim Lozier to the newly created position of chief dental officer.

Dr. Lozier will continue to report directly to Diane Munson, Oakstone's president and chief executive officer.

"We are very pleased to draw upon Dr. Lozier's talent and wealth of experience to lead our dental program into the future," said Munson.

"Jim's leadership in this expanded role positions Oakstone to take advantage of the opportunities and growth ahead for our dental program."

As chief dental officer, Dr. Lozier will continue to manage the company's Dental Decks Division, which primarily targets dental students preparing for national board examinations. His expanded strategic role in the company's dental program will allow Oakstone to identify and develop new business and content ideas, as well as influence strategic initiatives.

"I've worked primarily on developing products to equip students with the knowledge they need to begin their dental careers," Dr. Lozier said.

"As the chief dental officer at Oakstone, I will have the opportunity to help provide solutions to aid dental professionals with their lifelong continuing education, which is at the core of Oakstone's educational programs. I am excited to be an integral part of a company that is committed to the educational success of healthcare professionals."

Dr. Lozier began his career in private practice in 1988 during which time he founded Dental Decks. He left private practice in 2003 to devote his full-time attention to building the Dental Decks business and brand. Dr. Lozier joined Oakstone as Dental Decks' editor in Chief in August 2011 when Oakstone acquired the company.

Dr. Lozier earned a B.S. in biology from Trenton State College, and received a DDS from Georgetown University School of Dentistry.

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