DNTLworks, Oral Health America conduct oral screenings for the Boys of Summer

June 12, 2001
The sights and sounds of Major League Baseball's spring training included an unusual sound this year: Open your mouth and say ah....

Oral Health America (OHA) and DNTLworks Equipment Corporation teamed up to provide oral screenings for major league baseball players in their respective clubhouses during the 2001 spring training schedule. The onsite exams were made possible by the use of portable dental chairs donated DNTLworks, based in Engelwood, Colo.

The screenings are in response to the high rate of spit tobacco use by Major Leaguers and are sponsored by OHA's National Spit Tobacco Education Program (NSTEP). The online screenings are designed to inform players about the seriousness involved with chewing tobacco use and give them the tools to help them quit. The program has been authorized by Major League Baseball and the Players Union as a service to the players.