PAClive acquired by Biolase Technology, Inc.

Jan. 23, 2004
The transfer of ownership will occur immediately as Biolase will begin operating the program and conducting the courses scheduled for 2004.

Discus Dental, Inc., the makers of Zoom! Professional Tooth Whiteners and the leading direct distribution manufacturer of dental products, has announced the acquisition of its dental continuing education program, PAClive, by Biolase Technology, Inc.

PAClive, one of dentistry's premier live-patient, hands-on continuing education programs in the United States was established in 1998 by Dr. William Dorfman founder of Discus Dental, Inc and featured dentist on ABC's hit reality TV show Extreme Makeover, along with some of the finest aesthetic dentists in the country. It quickly established itself as a provider of education for dentists wanting to acquire the clinical and management skills to perform the dental aesthetic procedures often featured on Extreme Makeover.

"We're proud of PAClive's accomplishments over the past six years. We've helped change the lives of thousands of dental professionals, as well as their patients," says Dr. Dorfman. "We're pleased to hand over the reigns of the program to a solid organization. Biolase is clearly going to continue to uphold the standards of excellence that have defined the PAClive experience, and help take the program to new heights."

The transfer of ownership will occur immediately as Biolase will begin operating the program and conducting the courses scheduled for 2004. "We are excited about expanding our involvement in continuing education for dental professionals", says Jeffrey Jones, CEO and President of Biolase Technology. "PAClive really represents the pinnacle of continuing education for dentists. The interaction between the participants and the instructors, the state of art technology and equipment utilized at the program, and the clinical concepts taught at PAClive really help to make the experience unforgettable for those who choose to master the art of functional aesthetic dentistry." Jones has headed up Biolase since 1998 and has helped position the company as the leading manufacturer of both hard and soft tissue lasers for dental procedures. Jones says, "The ability to perform and teach laser aesthetic procedures with the Waterlase and LaserSmile should further elevate and expand the clinical capabilities of the aesthetic dentist in keeping with PAClive's reputation of offering the best in materials, equipment, faculty, and curriculum."

PAClive operates a series of continuing education courses that focus on aesthetics and occlusion. It offers a rare opportunity for dental professionals to treat complex restorative cases under the guidance of a clinical instructor and together with a certified master ceramist. The goal of the program is to teach its participants how to reconstruct and in some cases, create new smiles using proven clinical methodologies and the best materials available. Participants emerge with a greater understanding of function and aesthetics.

"Our faculty is truly a special group", says Dr. Edward Lowe, Clinical Director for PAClive. "All of the instructors at PAClive have years of experience treating complex restorative cases, Smile Design cases, and even the extreme cases. We look forward to the new management of the program and we anticipate expanded curriculum and new course venues that would allow even greater access to our continuum."