Director's Message: Why are you attending UOR?

June 12, 2013
Kristine Hodsdon, RDH, offers a few reasons on why she is attending the RDH Under One Roof conference for dental hygienists.

Here are a few reasons on why I am attending RDH Under One Roof next month.

To express gratitude for our industry, our networks, our progress

I want to acknowledge the clinical hygienists who work to move our profession forward and strengthen it for many. I want to recognize and support the efforts of individuals and companies who go beyond their daily challenges and work for the good of many. All boats rise with the rising tide.

It’s a time of excitement,connection, and takeaways about dental hygiene, and a snapshot of the PennWell, RDH magazine and RDH eVillage communities.

To encourage my colleagues and to celebrate!

RDH Under One Roof is an excellent way to meet old friends and make new ones! Celebrate in gratitude for our profession as dental hygienists. We are coming together to have fun with each other, learn from each other, and congratulate each other.

It is exciting to watch the unfolding of the conference from the opening reception to the final reception, and all the celebrations in between!

To have fun!

To hear what happens this year!

To laugh!

For a source of inspiration and motivation!

Listening to all of the continuing education presenters and colleagues’ accomplishments. How these dental hygienists have helped so many people is inspiring and exciting. It is invigorating that this kind of career exists, and these inspirational sources show what is possible. If they can be successful, so can I.

To connect and to learn

As a top-notch educational component, I always learn something new at RDH Under One Roof.

Networking, making new connections and learning from the knowledge of national and international dental hygienists.

To make new friends in the dental hygiene community and to reconnect with old friends.

To be inspired

The conference is electrifying and contagious. You match faces to names and discover more of their story. Reality sets in because these hygienists are real people making a real difference in the world not only for their patients but for us!

After attending UOR, you’ll be inspired and proud to be part of one of the largest hygiene conventions in the country!

Why are YOU attending UOR?

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Kristine A. Hodsdon RDH, MSEC
Director, RDH eVillage

*inspiration adapted from NE-ICF flyer