Product features new size of automix syringe

Nov. 18, 2005
Cool Tem NATURAL, a temporary crown and bridge material, now available in 5 ml cartridge.

Coltène/Whaledent Inc., has introduced Cool Temp NATURAL, a 5 ml automix syringe for its temporary crown and bridge material. This is in addition to the existing availability of a 50 ml cartridge.

The key benefits of this product are:

*Faster than the top four leading brands by up to 46 percent
*Natural Vita shades with fluorescence for optimum esthetics
*Cooler exothermic setting temperatures for patient comfort

5 ml syringe benefits include:

*No dispenser needed
*Small mixing tips = less waste
*Consistent mix every time
*Better, controlled application

Cool Temp Natural's features make it the natural choice for fast, easy, esthetic provisionals.

For information on Cool Temp NATURAL 5 ml automix syringes and 50 ml cartridges, contact your authorized Coltène/Whaledent dental supply distributor or Coltène/Whaledent Inc., at (800) 221-3046. Also visit the company's Web site at