2005 a milestone year for Ansell Healthcare

Dec. 19, 2005
Company marks its centennial with record number of product launches.

For Ansell Healthcare Products LLC, a global leader in healthcare barrier protective products, 2005 was a milestone year in more ways than one.

In addition to celebrating its 100th year of providing barrier protection, Ansell's Professional Division had a record-breaking year for new product launches.

In 2005, the Professional Division introduced a total of five new or enhanced glove choices for the healthcare professional:

*Derma Prene PI – a latex-free, powder-free polyisoprene surgical glove with a smooth finish for worry-free instrument and suture handling. The most comfortable latex-free glove on the market today!

*Micro-Touch ErgoGrip - a hand-specific (left/right), latex, powder-free examination glove with polymer coating for ease of donning.

*Micro-Touch Smooth Nitrile – a smooth, latex-free, powder-free nitrile examination glove that provides excellent chemical and puncture resistance and is FDA approved for handling chemotherapy drugs.

*Micro-Touch® Nitrile E.P. - a textured, latex-free, powder-free nitrile examination glove with an extended cuff for extra protection. FDA approved for handling chemotherapy drugs and provides excellent chemical and puncture resistance.

*Micro-Touch Nitrile - a textured, latex-free, powder-free nitrile examination glove FDA approved for handling chemotherapy drugs now made with a softer formulation for a more comfortable fit.

In addition, the company developed three new catalogs showcasing its full line of surgical and examination gloves.

The new surgical glove catalog displays Ansell's full line of surgical glove options available for healthcare professionals. Ansell's surgical glove line offers a wide variety of choices to match every requirement of the operating theater.

Included in the line-up are the company's latex-free, powder-free surgical gloves, latex powder-free surgical gloves, latex powdered surgical gloves, and specialty gloves.

Ansell's new examination glove catalog highlights its complete line of latex and latex-free, powdered and powder-free examination gloves that enable the healthcare professional to perform an unlimited scope of routine examinations and non-invasive procedures.

Each glove is designed to meet a wide array of needs, and all Ansell examination gloves offer comfort and reliable barrier protection.

Both the surgical and examination glove catalogs provide product images and product descriptions including features and benefits, quality benchmarks, glove properties, and convenient ordering information.

In addition to two new catalogs, Ansell has also developed a brochure featuring its Derma Prene family of surgical gloves.

Ansell's Derma Prene line unites the best polyisoprene glove, Derma Prene PI, with the best neoprene glove, Derma Prene Ultra for a family of exceptional latex-free gloving options. Both gloves enable the surgical team to maintain a latex-free, powder-free field while providing complementary benefits.

For more information or to order the newly available literature, please call (888) 882-5288, or visit Ansell's Web site www.ansellhealthcare.com.