Suni Medical Imaging celebrates anniversary

April 22, 2005
Known for innovation and growth in digital radiography, company enjoys 10th year of business.

Digital radiography is one of the hottest segments of healthcare technology. Ultimately, it may relegate traditional x-ray film to the same fate as the buggy whip.

For the past decade, Paul Suni and his Silicon Valley team have been leading the digital radiography revolution with their innovative sensor technology and ISO-9001 quality-focused manufacturing.

In 1992, the team that would eventually become Suni Medical Imaging (SUNI) invented the image sensor technology that made digital radiography a practical reality. In 1995, Suni the man officially founded SUNI the company, which within a few years became the premier private-label/OEM supplier of intraoral sensor technology to the dental market.

SUNI's success in developing lucrative private-label/OEM agreements enabled the company to invest heavily in R&D, and to continuously develop the industry's most advanced digital radiographic sensors.

More recently, SUNI began selling its sensors and software directly to dentists and assumed its rightful place as a leading name brand with the introduction of its own Dr. Suni™ and SuniCam™ product lines. The company distinguishes itself in the market not only through its technological innovations, but also by its dedication to high-touch customer relationships.

In addition, the company has been developing an international dealer network that currently serves more than 40 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. According to company CEO Paul Suni, "We also have a big push planned to establish new alliances within the domestic and global dental equipment industries."

"I am delighted to announce my company's 10-year anniversary," commented Suni. "We are looking forward to our 11th year as one of continued revenue growth and profitability in direct OEM and dealer sales."

Suni expects this growth trend to continue. "Our first 10 years were devoted to the early adopter. Today, the performance, safety and economic benefits of digital radiography are very apparent to the majority of healthcare professionals. We expect to reach critical mass in film-to-digital conversion within the next few years."