Ohio Dental Association launches new Web site

Sept. 7, 2001
www.oda.org is now online

The Ohio Dental Association has officially launched its new Web site, www.oda.org where visitors -- media, consumers and dental professionals and other interested individuals -- can visit Ohio dentistry and learn the latest about oral health, practice management, and what's new in the profession.

www.oda.org is now interactive, providing members the opportunity to interact, chat, and discuss issues important to their daily lives. In addition, the general public can click onto pages full of information on oral health, link onto other dental-related Web sites, what to do in a dental emergency, take a dental survey, learn how to find a dentist -- and much more.

Components of the Web site include:

About the ODA ... with information on ODA officers, staff, local component societies, the ODA Foundation, related Web sites, and contact information.

News and Announcements ... topical, pertinent and current information on the latest in dentistry, and information on ODA programs and services to oral health consumers in Ohio.

General Dental Information ... from how to choose a dentist to how to become a dentist, and general oral health information and dental terms, and more.

Become a Member ... learn the benefits of membership and how to join the ODA.

Annual Session ... current information on the ODA's annual dental conference held in Columbus each September

Members Only ... available only to ODA members, this section contains the benefits and practice management information that help Ohio dentists practice dentistry.

The site will be updated regularly, with breaking news posted as it happens. Information of specific interest to consumers, particularly those concerned about their oral health, will be timely, current and informative.

This site went live the last week of August -- and based on tracking information, the average user is staying on the Web site for 11 minutes, an indicator that users are not just looking, but reading the information contained within the pages. There have been more than 3,100 visitor sessions -- which can include multiple visits by one user, and over 1,300 unique visitors (new site users) as well.

For additional information, visit www.oda.org, or call the ODA at (614) 486-2700.