Gourmet hygiene product line introduced

Oct. 4, 2006
Kolorz products come in a variety of flavors with its hygiene products on the market.

ENGLEWOOD, New Jersey--Zenith Dental has introduced a new gourmet line of hygiene products under the brand name Kolorz.

Kolorz products include Topical Anesthetic Gel, Prophylaxis Paste, 60 Second Foam Fluoride, Neutral Foam Fluoride, and 60 Second Fluoride Gel. Kolorz offers the benefits of advanced formulas, convenient application options and proprietary flavoring.

Gourmet food industry experts have developed Kolorz products with a special concentration on superior taste and aroma. Particular attention has been given to make sure that Kolorz products contain no controversial sweeteners like aspartame and saccharin.

Kolorz contains Sucralose commonly found in Splenda® brand sweetener, a safe, non-caloric sweetener. It also contains Xylitol a natural sweetener found in fruits, berries and other materials grown in nature.

Both are safe for diabetics. Xylitol has demonstrated a dramatic reduction in tooth decay and is proven to prevent additional carries. Another key feature is that all Kolorz products are gluten free eliminating the chance of an allergic reaction from those who suffer from Celiac disease.

Kolorz products come in a variety of the most popular flavors with an absolute guarantee for the best tasting hygiene products on the market.

Kolorz is manufactured and distributed by Zenith Dental and is available through the dental supply dealer.

For more information call 1 (800) 662-6383, or visit www.zenithdental.com