Free laser dentistry CD available

June 18, 2007
Lares Research offers 30-minute educational CD entitled Introduction to Laser Dentistry.

CHICO, California--Lares Research, a leader in oral tissue cutting technology, is offering a free educational CD, "Introduction to Laser Dentistry."

The 30-minute CD includes information on how lasers work, explanatory video clips showing actual hard and soft tissue procedures, and a guide to buying a laser that covers how to perform a simplified financial analysis.

"Introduction to Laser Dentistry" is ideal for any dentist considering a laser purchase. The section on how lasers work includes information on laser physics and laser/tissue interaction.

A discussion of the different kinds of laser procedures includes clear video demonstrations, using real patients in actual clinical settings. The program also explains the benefits of dental lasers for patients, dentists, the practice, and the staff.

The "How to Buy a Laser" section shows dentists how to do a simplified financial analysis of their practice with a laser and how to identify just a few new procedures each month that will generate new revenue sufficient to more than cover their laser payments.

The "Introduction to Laser Dentistry" CD is free and can be obtained by calling (800) 347-3289, ext. 267 or via e-mail at [email protected].

Lares also offers a free, educational e-newsletter on laser dentistry. To sign up to receive the free newsletter, call (800) 347-3289, ext. 267 or go to