Dental Benefits Enrollment Data Expanded by Joint Study

Dec. 6, 2001
Report offers comrehensive data on industry's succcess at increasing dental care access.

The National Association of Dental Plans (NADP) and Delta Dental Plans Association (DDPA) have released a historic joint report on the penetration of all dental benefits by state and region. The NADP/DDPA 2001 Dental Benefits Joint Report: Penetration by State

(Joint Penetration Report) expands NADP's historical dental benefits database with complete information on Delta Dental system enrollment; providing a snapshot of penetration for the years 1999 and 2000. In conjunction with the release, NADP released its 2001 Dental Benefits Report: Enrollment/Networks (NADP Enrollment/Networks) to supplement the data in the joint report.

In releasing the Joint Penetration Report, NADP Director Evelyn Ireland and DDPA President and CEO Kim Volk issued this joint comment: "This report expands the information that has been available on the total dental benefits market. Together our Associations have created a report that neither of us could create individually. We believe that this joint action to develop expanded data will increase the understanding and appreciation of the fact that the dental benefits market offers access to dental care for millions of


The Joint Penetration Report demonstrates regional variations in the percentage of the population covered for dental benefits ranging from just over 31 percent in the West South Central region to more than 67 percent in the Pacific region. The report also provides information on total market penetration by state as well as market penetration by product on a state and regional basis. The enrollment information is supported by information on the size of dental HMO and PPO networks by state.

The NADP supplemental report on NADP Enrollment/Networks updates NADP's "Dental Benefits Industry At A Glance Table." This report provides an overall estimate of the national dental benefit market by line of business (HMO, PPO, indemnity and referral) and includes information dating from 1994 as well as projections through 2001. The NADP Enrollment/Networks report offers more detailed information on dental product funding sources, company characteristics, growth ranges, as well as information on turnover rates for dental HMO and PPO networks for both general dentists and specialists.

Members of DDPA and NADP will receive copies of the reports based on the policies of both organizations. The reports can be purchased exclusively from NADP by contacting David Morley at [email protected] or 972-458-6998 x113.