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NovaMin used in professional and over-the-counter dental products

Jan. 19, 2011
NovaMin augments the natural protective and repair mechanisms of teeth.
By Gail Malone, RDH, BS, Clinical Educator Northeast Region, DENTSPLY Professional
and by Cindy Sensabaugh, RDH, BS, Manager, Clinical Research and Education, DENTSPLY Professional
Despite the widespread availability and use of fluorides, dental caries continues to be a significant health issue. When salivary flow is compromised, fluoride dentifrices require calcium and phosphorus minerals to remineralize the tooth surface for protection. Calcium and phosphorous are naturally found in saliva, and they are usually responsible for repairing the tooth surface. NovaMin (Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate), an active ingredient used in professional and over-the-counter dental products, is a tasteless white powder that augments the natural protective and repair mechanisms for teeth. Originally developed as bone regenerative material, NovaMin is comprised of calcium, sodium, phosphorous, and silica, all natural elements found in the body. It directly leads to the formation of new tooth mineral (Hydroxy Carbonate Apatite or HCA). When NovaMin comes in contact with saliva, it rapidly releases calcium and phosphorus to form a new layer of hydroxy carbonate apatite on tooth surfaces. NovaMin accelerates this process by increasing the saliva pH and supercharging the saliva with calcium and phosphorus ions. (1) The NovaMin then releases calcium and phosphate ions to supplement the normal levels found in saliva. The increase in ionic concentration, combined with the increase in pH, causes the ions to precipitate onto the tooth surface immediately to form hydroxy-carbonate apatite (HCA).
Researchers have documented that NovaMin, when formulated with a fluoride dentifrice, exhibits a greater degree of remineralization than a fluoride dentifrice alone on early carious lesions. (1,2,3) Products combining NovaMin technology and 5,000 ppm sodium fluoride have recently been introduced to the market. These products include NUPRO NuSolutions paste, (DENTSPLY) and ReNew paste, (Sultan Healthcare). These products provide significant benefits for patients with a moderate or high risk for caries. References
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Gail Malone, RDH, BS (left) and Cindy Sensabaugh, RDH, BS