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30-day challenge showcases advanced oral cleansing

May 12, 2014
Antimicrobial, biologic formulations of TRIOLOGY deliver oral biology for advanced oral care.

KANSAS CITY, Kansas--NOWsystem invites dental professionals to take the TRIOLOGY 30-Day Challenge to experience the benefits of advanced oral biology.

The TRIOLOGY line of biologic debriding rinses and serums is designed to enhance dental procedures and patient comfort by increasing the potential of accelerated healing and reduced inflammation, infection, and pain.

Dental professionals signing up for the Challenge will be given a TRIOLOGY procedure kit (comprising a 2-cc debriding serum syringe, a 2- ml debriding serum treatment pen, and a 1-ounce debriding rinse spray) and two, 8-ounce bottles of TRIOLOGY Debriding Rinse.

The procedure kit is recommended for use on a selected periodontal patient during a scaling and root planing procedure. The patient should also be given one of the bottles of the debriding rinse to take home with instructions to use for 30 days, after which the patient’s healing progress is to be evaluated in a recall appointment.

The second, 8-ounce bottle of debriding rinse is to be used by the dental professional as part of his or her personal oral hygiene regimen. After 30 days, the professional is to complete an online questionnaire about the impact of the TRIOLOGY products on the patients' condition and about the professional’s personal impressions after using the rinse.

In return for completing the questionnaire, participants will receive exclusive discounts and promotions from TRIOLOGY, sneak previews of future new products, special recognition in publications discussing the findings of the questionnaires, and a certificate designating each as a “TRIOLOGIST” and a member of the TRIOLOGY™ oral health innovation team.

Dental professionals can register for the Challenge at, or at TRIOLOGY Booth No. 776 at the CDA Presents dental meeting May 15-17 in Anaheim, Calif.

“Our TRIOLOGY products can have a profound impact on dental procedures and patient comfort because they kill harmful pathogens, cleanse the sulcus, and promote healing of oral tissue better than other alternatives available to dental professionals,” said Janice King, NOWsystem, cofounder and CEO.

“Rather than simply tell dental professionals what our products can do for their patients, we wanted to make it easy for them to experience the TRIOLOGY impact firsthand. And that is what the TRIOLOGY 30-Day Challenge is all about.”

TRIOLOGY Debriding Rinse and TRIOLOGY Debriding Serum deliver cleansing powered by Tritiserum, a proprietary blend of biologic ingredients and carbamide peroxide. The patent-pending formulations integrate with saliva to effectively disrupt biofilm for removal of harmful pathogens, debris and irritants, working both supragingivally and subgingivally.

This cleansing, coupled with a balancing of the pH, increases the potential for accelerated healing and reduced pain, inflammation, and infection.

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