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New Products

Jan. 1, 2011
QED Medical introduces the ALOS-TTL through the lens video headlight system now available to the dental market exclusively through High Q Dental. The ALOS-TTL system provides a lightweight, user-friendly method for collecting — or showing real time — line of sight footage of procedures, with zero parallax, from the doctor's point of view. The system's new "pin-hole" lens technology allows the ALOS-TTL to deliver exceptional depth of field to facilitate operator motion without the risk of drifting out of focus, while the CCD chip provides exceptional image resolution. For more information, visit
Zila has introduced the Rotadent® Plus rotary toothbrush. New features of the Rotadent Plus include three speeds, brushing timer and charging base. The new model retains the clinically proven features of the classic Rotadent — a unique 360-degree sweeping action brush head with ultra-thin microfilaments, and a limited lifetime warranty. In a continuation of a published 10-year study of the Rotadent rotary powered toothbrush, Dr. Herbert Bader from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine stated that "patients who used the Rotadent ultimately showed an 80% improvement in oral hygiene recare compared to patients who used only a manual or conventional power toothbrush." For more information, visit
LeoneAmerica introduces the new F1000 passive self-ligating bracket. It is easy to open and close, has versatile biomechanics, and is more comfortable for the patient. F1000 brackets are designed to meet the most sophisticated biomechanical requirements and permit easy clinical management without facing the known inconveniences of the other self-ligating systems. F1000 brackets provide all the advantages of the most recent clinical scientific research on low friction and the application of light forces to reduce treatment time for greater comfort and satisfaction of the patient. F1000 brackets are available with torque and angulation values according to Dr. Damon's standard prescription. For more information, visit
Pulpdent Corporation has introduced Tuff-Temp™ Provisional Glaze, which is designed to glaze and protect provisional crowns and bridges. It improves aesthetics and increases resistance to surface wear and staining. Tuff-Temp Provisional Glaze can be cured with all lights and is part of the new Tuff-Temp™ Provisional Veneer Crown & Bridge Resin system, a new rubberized-urethane provisional material available only from Pulpdent. Tuff-Temp's rubberized-urethane chemistry provides greater strength and dimensional stability, and a tighter-fitting provisional restoration than bisacrylics and acrylics. For more information, visit
Tack-Ease™ instantly converts most curing lights into a tacking light, saving time and ending tip build-up. Now you can create the perfect curing light tacking tip for only 80 cents! Simply place a Tack-Ease Disposable Tacking Tip onto your existing curing light tip or lens and you have a 1.5mm diameter tacking light tip perfect for tacking veneers and indirect inlays or onlays. Developed by a dentist, Tack-Ease prevents marginal excess luting cement from curing to help speed clean-up time. Semi-flexible design helps you apply gentle, controlled pressure and ensures proper seating. Light-blocking PVC construction provides a snug, non-slip fit on most tips and lenses. For more information, visit
Denali Corporation introduces a light-cured only core material, AURA Core. Using Denali Setting Chemistry, this product is self adhesive, improving retention thus reducing the potential of core de-bonding during impression taking. AURA Core is VLC only eliminating the non-esthetic yellowing due to dual curing chemistry. AURA Core has been clinically tested and offers excellent handling and great depth of cure. Its depth of cure, 12 mm, Cures to the Core™, allowing for either core form or free-hand build-up technique. AURA Core is strong and cuts like dentin without binding, clogging or bur skipping. AURA Core is recommended for small tooth additions or complete core build-up. AURA Core is available in two shades: Natural Off-White and Opaque White. Available through preferred dental dealers. For more information, visit
The drill stop kit from Zosseo limits penetration during an osteotomy to a predetermined depth, eliminating the risk of surgical complications. The drill stops are color-coded for differing lengths in an autoclavable kit. The simple design only requires one width to fit virtually all manufacturer drills. For more information, visit
New Dentisse Natural Solution Oral Rinse is a natural, alcohol-free rinse that attacks odor-causing bacteria without the burning and drying sensation. It contains no saccharin, preservatives, animal ingredients, or artificial ingredients. Instead, its natural ingredients, such as baking soda, xylitol, aloe vera, and a blend of essential oils (clove, eucalyptus, menthol, tea tree, and wintergreen) are gentle and effective. Benefits of the Dentisse Natural Solution Oral Rinse include fresher breath and a cleaner-feeling mouth, inhibits dental plaque while whitening and cleansing, soothes irritated tissue, decreases inflammation and promotes healing, and a long-lasting, cool aftertaste. Dentisse Natural Solution oral rinse retails for $14.99 at