3M ESPE introduces polyether tray material for cartridge dispensing

Jan. 5, 2009
Impregum Soft Polyether Tray Impression Material now available in deliveries, viscosities and set times.

ST. PAUL, Minnesota--3M ESPE expands its role in impression solutions by making its line of Impregum Soft Polyether Impression Material available in a cartridge delivery system.

Impregum Soft Polyether Tray Impression Material provides dental professionals with the benefits of a polyether and the convenient dispensing style of a VPS.

This expanded delivery option offers dental professionals technique flexibility, allowing Impregum Soft Impression Material to be used in the one-step heavy body/light body technique or in the monophase technique.

In its new delivery system, dental professionals can now use Impregum Soft Impression Material in multiple operatories.

Dental professionals can ontinue to choose Impregum Soft Impression Material to enhance their impressions and increase efficiency in their practices by reducing retakes, remakes and adjustments. Its hydrophilicity allows for better impressions in moist conditions, and its unique flow properties offer precision and accuracy of fit.

Additionally, the material's snap-set feature makes it more forgiving than traditional VPS materials — it will not start setting before the working time ends, and then does so immediately.

This provides detail reproduction without distortion. Plus, Impregum Soft Impression Material offers improved taste, easier mouth removal, and quick setting options.

Impregum Soft Impression Material, along with the Imprint 3 Impression Material, Position Penta Quick Alginate Replacement Material and the Pentamix 3 Automatic Mixing Unit, positions 3M ESPE as a provide of impression solutions.

Impregum Soft Impression Material delivers accuracy and reliability, helping dental professionals reduce stress, enable operational excellence. and enhance patient satisfaction.

For more information, visit 3M ESPE or call (800) 634-2249.

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