New sealant saves time, improves results

June 1, 2005
3M™ ESPE™ Clinpro™ sealant technique now includes 3M™ ESPE™ Adper™ Prompt™ Self-Etch adhesive.

3M ESPE announces a new technique using Adper Prompt Self-Etch adhesive as an alternative to the traditional phosphoric acid-etch step during sealant placement. This technique helps to simplify the sealant procedure by eliminating the need for a separate acid-etch step.

Independent test results indicate that microleakage is lower when Clinpro Sealant is used with Adper Prompt Self-Etch Adhesive than with conventional acid-etch treatment. The simplified technique also results in easier patient management, making it an especially good choice for pediatric patients.

An excellent bond to uncut enamel is essential for retention of a sealant. When considering using a self-etch adhesive instead of the traditional phosphoric acid treatment, it is important to know the effectiveness of the adhesive bond to uncut enamel. Adper Prompt Self-Etch adhesive is unique in that it's acidic nature provides a high bond to both cut and uncut enamel surfaces without having to first etch the enamel, making it ideal for sealant placement.

Clinpro Sealant is the first sealant with smart color-change technology. It goes on pink for a highly visible application and cures to a natural white. The low viscosity, fluoride-releasing sealant flows easily into pits and fissures, which results in less waste and less need for occlusal adjustment. In addition, the ultra-fine syringe tip makes application easy.

"Using Adper Prompt Self-Etch adhesive together with Clinpro Sealant has several advantages over the traditional sealant technique," states Kevin Reilly, marketing supervisor, 3M ESPE. "Dental professionals will not only save time with the simplified procedure, they also will improve patient management and comfort while producing great results."