Free laser dentistry newsletter offered

April 13, 2007
"The Successful Laser Dentist" is a bi-monthly newsletter received via e-mail from Lares Research.

CHICO, California--Lares Research is offering a free, educational e-newsletter on laser dentistry.

"The Successful Laser Dentist" features short, informative articles by clinicians, academics, technology experts, and others knowledgeable in the field of laser use in dentistry.

"The Successful Laser Dentist" is a bi-monthly newsletter received via email. It will cover developments in laser technology, how-to clinical information, interesting case studies, and new trends such as medical spa procedures.

Topics such as how pulse duration affects performance, criteria for choosing a laser, the advantages of various wavelengths, what tax deductions can be taken on a laser, and how lasers are used in various kinds of procedures will be addressed by a series of guest authors.

Authors of upcoming articles include Lorne Lavine, DMD, ("The Digital Dentist"); Joel M. White, DDS, MS, Professor/Associate Dean, University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry; and M. Glenn Lucas, DDS, private practice dentist. The newsletter is designed to provide the information clinicians need in order to decide whether laser dentistry is right for them.

To sign up for the free newsletter, call (800) 347-3289, ext. 267, or go to Lares Research.