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Power & beauty

Sept. 1, 2003
With each issue, WDJ is growing.

"My solution is that we need to help each other ... I understand the connection between your success and mine." — Gail Evans, author of She Wins, You Win in "Winning Ways for Women Executives," an interview by Stephanie Swilley

With each issue, WDJ is growing. Our editorial board, staff, and I have all been gratified by your positive feedback. Together, we are creating a vehicle to support patients, each other, and ourselves by enhancing both power and beauty in our dental offices.

This issue focuses on combining power and beauty, exemplified by Dr. Risé Lyman, AAWD president, pumping iron at her fitness center and creating beautiful smiles in her rural Texas office. We feature the beauty of new research with the power of emerging technology on diagnosing caries in our cover story about QLF™. Creating elegance — and function — for an international clientele is highlighted in one woman dentist's urban practice.

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Diverse Women's Dental Leadership — from left: Dr. Lina Cardenas, assistant professor, Pediatric Dentistry Dept., University of Texas Health Science Center Dental School; Dr. Hazel Harper, Women's Section, National Dental Association and WDJ Board Member; Dr. T.C. Wong, orthodontist, Hong Kong; Dr. Margaret Scarlett, WDJ Editor; Dr. Vivian Pinn, director, Office of Research on Women's Health, National Institutes of Health; and Dr. Jeanne Sinkford, Center for Equity and Diversity, American Dental Education Association.

What's not beauty in body image is the focus of Dr. Sheri Doniger's article on eating disorders. If the average woman were to measure up to a popular doll, she would have to grow to seven feet and lose six inches in the waist! Real beauty is comfort with body image and real power is networking, while empowering ourselves and each other.

In her book, She Wins, You Win: A Guidebook for Making Women More Powerful (Gotham Books, 2003), Gail Evans, CNN executive, talks candidly about the fact that she, like many women, wanted to be successful and play the game her way, true to her own values and individuality. Based on her experiences in media management, she came to this logical conclusion: The more women help each other, the more we all move toward greater success. By learning and growing with each other, women are more likely to succeed.

Maximizing the potential for both power and beauty in ourselves and others is what WDJ is all about. We are creating powerful connections, linking you to an incredible network of women dentists. We are listening to you as we create new norms to enhance both our power and beauty! This fall, begin to create those connections that have meaning, power, and beauty for you. Learn from WDJ about how to win like a woman!

Margaret I. Scarlett, DMD
Dr. Scarlett is the editor of Woman Dentist Journal. She can be contacted by email at [email protected].

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We apologize! The diverse women leaders in dentistry in Sweden were incorrectly listed on page 104 of the July/August issue of WDJ. Their correct order is as follows:
Dr. Farzaneh Shirani, Dr. T.C. Wong, Dr. Joy Jordan, Dr. Margaret Scarlett, Dr. Tavebeh Mansoir Karkayandi, and Dr. Linda Niessen. Editor, WDJ