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New Product Highlight

Nov. 1, 2006

Ti-Max NL400 electric handpiece system

This new brushless electric from Brasseler USA/NSK is one of the lightest motor/handpiece systems available. Balanced, smooth, and quiet, the Ti-Max NL400 offers unmatched power and versatility for any procedure.

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The Brasseler USA/NSK Ti-Max NL400 Micromotor system is a brushless system that combines the most powerful motor in its class with the lightest-weight motor and handpiece combinations available. Smooth, quiet, lightweight, and versatile, this system’s features include solid titanium construction, ceramic ball bearings, four-port water spray, patented Clean Head Technology, and cellular fiberoptics. The NL400 system has attachments available for all specialty areas, and the system can be easily integrated into virtually any dental delivery system.

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New 5.5 mm matrix band for composites

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Garrison Dental Solutions announces the new C175 5.5 mm molar matrix band for posterior composites. Its gingival-occlusal dimension is halfway between Garrison’s bicuspid (3.8 mm) and standard molar (6.4 mm) bands. Matching the height of the matrix band to the height of the marginal ridge is critical to achieving proper anatomical contour and interproximal contact with posterior composites. Call (888) 437-0032 or visit

Correct Plus® Fast Set from Pentron

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Pentron Clinical Technologies, LLC, announces Correct Plus Fast Set Hydrophilic Impression Material, formulated with proprietary nano-particulate technology for outstanding tear strength and dimensional stability pour after pour.

Designed for optimum performance in the mouth, the material features a low contact angle, approximately equal to 30º, ensuring exceptional capture of details. Correct Plus Fast Set outgases in 15 minutes or less, ensuring optimal performance in the lab.

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No-clamp alternative for securing rubber dam

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Coltène/Whaledent Inc. introduces Hygenic Non-Latex Wedjets, a clampless alternative for stabilizing dental dam. Wedjets help simplify the dental dam application and eliminate clamp selection. The rubber cord design stretches for fast and easy interproximal placement and does not cause any pain for the patient.

For more details, call your dental supplier or (800) 221-3046, ext. 8998, or visit

New Sani-Cloth® Bleach Wipe

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PDI® offers Sani-Cloth Bleach Wipe, a stabilized bleach solution in a ready-to-use, durable, low-lint wipe. Equivalent to a 1:10 dilution, the wipe cleans and deodorizes non-porous surfaces such as countertops, tables, carts, and equipment that require the use of bleach. Convenient and cost-effective, they are available in two sizes - large 5 x 7 inches and extra large 11.5 x 11.75 inches. Both sizes come in a self-dispensing box for quick access with 50 easy, tear-open packets. An optional Sani-Bracket® is available for wall or equipment placement of the extra large box size.

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NUPRO® White Gold® tooth whiteners

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DENTSPLY and NUPRO announce NUPRO White Gold 36% hydrogen peroxide In-Office and 15% hydrogen peroxide Take Home tooth whiteners, which now offer increased choices to best suit your patients’ needs. Developed with strong clinician input, the new formulas have been clinically tested to provide consistent and exceptional results. In-Office results average six shades with just 45 minutes bleaching time. The new Take Home offers shorter wear time than the leading brands of dentist-prescribed whitener. With just 15 minutes per day for only seven days, an average of five shades was achieved. Optimize results with a combination of In-Office and Take Home to deliver an average of nine shades whiter.

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Premier® Enamel Loc™ Self-etching sealant

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Premier introduces Enamel Loc, the only self-etching enamel sealant. Enamel Loc creates a positive experience by eliminating gagging and discomfort from acid-etching. It also saves time by eliminating the dreaded acid-etch step. Enamel Loc improves results by simplifying the procedure and avoiding the potential for inadequate etching, bonding, or moisture contamination. The low-viscosity filled resin has excellent flow characteristics and provides maximum wear resistance. Enamel Loc is fluoride releasing and light cures to a natural white.

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Cavitron® SofTip™ ultrasonic implant insert

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DENTSPLY Professional introduces the Cavitron SofTip Ultrasonic Implant Insert, which removes plaque and calculus around titanium implants and abutments. Its innovative design saves you time during an implant maintenance procedure, and provides the convenience of lavage delivery. The Cavitron SofTip Implant Insert is only used with a SofTip™ disposable prophy tip attached - a single-use, plastic tip that is safe for implant maintenance.

For more information or to place an order, contact your DENTSPLY Professional distributor or call (800) 989-8826.

DETAIL™ pre-impression cleansing gel

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Don’t take chances by simply rinsing your crown, bridge, and veneer preps with water before taking an impression. EDTA-based DETAIL pre-impression cleansing gel lifts contaminants such as sulphur and methacrylate residue from your prep site.

For more information or to order, call CLINICIAN’S CHOICE® at (800) 265-3444 or visit

Go hands-free with versatile new terminal

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Beckmer Products introduces the DentalR.A.T. (Remote Access Terminal). It is a foot-operated mouse for clinicians to run the computer hands-free and enter their own perio probe readings. It was developed for hygienists by a hygienist. It has a mouse cursor, left and right mouse clicks, and can enter numbers. It is simple and easy to use, reduces cross-contamination, and is private and quiet for HIPAA compliance. There is no training or software needed - it features plug-and-play technology with USB. The DentalR.A.T. works with all Windows® applications including Dentrix, EagleSoft, PracticeWorks, etc.

For more information, visit or call (877) 890-1777.

Uni-Grip® universal radiography holder

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Taking X-rays - whether with film, phosphor plates, or digital sensors - just got simpler. Unlike other disposable holders on the market, which require multiple units to perform a full-mouth X-ray series, you only need one with Uni-Grip - anterior, posterior, and bitewings. Attaching in seconds, Uni-Grip accommodates any size #1 or #2 digital sensor, film, or phosphor plate, and it repositions by simply adjusting the moveable bite piece. Uni-Grip’s compact size and rounded corners are easy on your patients.

For more information, call DENTSPLY RINN at (800) 323-0970.

AFFINIS™ Precious silver and gold wash

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Coltène/Whaledent Inc. introduces AFFINIS Precious, a polyvinylsiloxane material with superior flow properties, outstanding marginal readability, and a variable working time from 5 to 60 seconds. AFFINIS Precious wash materials have a contact angle of only 10°, and are available in two viscosities - light body (silver), and regular body (gold). The colors provide increased contrast between the wash and tray material for easy-to-read margins. The materials are available in 50 ml or convenient 25 ml microSystem dispensing.

For more information, call your dental supplier, call (800) 221-3046 ext. 8998, or visit

ScanX Duo® digital imaging system

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Air Techniques, Inc. introduces the ScanX Duo, a new compact intraoral digital imaging system packed with performance advantages. It features Independent Track Control, an imaging first. Each of the two processing slots can be simultaneously and independently controlled - perfect for shared use in an X-ray pass-through arrangement. ScanX Duo also features In-Line Erase, which reads the PSP and automatically erases it in the same continuous cycle to save time and simplify the imaging process. The ScanX Duo is simple to operate and builds on the techniques already used by your staff. You won’t even need a new X-ray.

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MCC offers the RC-5000 cabinet

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MCC offers the RC-5000 cabinet, which accommodates computer equipment while saving valuable operatory space. It allows the computer CPU to be placed in the upper cabinet, so there is no need for increased depth at the base. The RC-5000 also features a counter that slides not only in and out, but also laterally, providing easy access for both right- and left-handed dentists and assistants.

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Sporicidin safe for use on impression materials

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Three dental school studies and a manufacturer of dental impression materials found that Sporicidin Disinfectant Solution (or spray) does not affect the integrity of polyether, polysulfate, hydrocolloid, silicone, polysiloxane, alginate, and gypsum impression materials. Sporicidin is EPA registered to provide 100 percent kill of all pathogenic vegetative organisms including MRSA, HIV-1 (AIDS), Herpes (oral, ocular, and genital), and the tubercle bacillus. Sporicidin Disinfectant is environmentally safe and user friendly. It can be poured down the regular drain, and is available in gallons or 22-ounce spray bottles.

For more information, call (800) 424-3733 or visit

New Piranha 2X™ single patient use diamonds

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Piranha 2X single patient use diamonds from SS White feature patented double-helix channels, which effectively flush debris and reduce clogging. They also cut teeth cooler during bulk reduction. Piranha 2X turbo diamonds are available in several shapes and come in medium grit for a smooth finish. For more details, call SS White Burs, Inc. at (800) 535-2877.

Dentist’s Choice Sterilization Pouches

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Dentist’s Choice Sterilization Pouches are manufactured with hospital-grade, coated paper and tear-resistant film to eliminate instrument breakthrough during and after sterilization. These self-sealing pouches have a positive prefold at the closure line to ensure a clean, smooth seal every time. A thumb notch on each pouch provides an aseptic technique when opening the pouch. Triple-Seal construction and blue-tint film offers an easy visual check of seal integrity.

For more information and a free sample, call PMI at (800) 771-8366 or send a fax to (262) 767-9055.